After Investing Story Mode Resources into MP, This is Black Ops 4 Multiplayer on PC; “Failed to Host Lobby”

As I sit here writing this article at 1AM, I am utterly disappointed and concerned about the future of Call of Duty. Over the past few weeks I have writing so much about the new Call of Duty game, criticizing what COD has become. Still, somewhere in my heart there was hope, doubt, that may be I am wrong and may be those YouTubers who got their hands on Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta are wrong. Unfortunately, they aren’t wrong as far as their claims about this game’s troublesome development goes.

When you scrap one of the most loved features of Call of Duty, the story mode, and invest those resources to the multiplayer portion it raises the bar of expectations. However, when players around the world (including myself) can’t even access the beta, that says a lot about your game.

As I write, the game is running in the background and I can still hear the amazing soundtrack they used over the UI. Sadly, the music is all I would get to enjoy tonight because after trying for 3 hours, I  am not able to access Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta on PC. And I am not alone; one look at Reddit, and the official COD forum would tell the story:

1: Every time I try to start a match I get the “Failed to Host Lobby” error.

2: I have the same problem, the support doesn’t do anything to help us

3: Ye same here, I’m from South Africa and I’m pretty sure that we are all getting this. Wonder if they’re going to fix this since I did buy this game xD

4: My guess is that they forgot to power up the PC servers. Oh well.

5: Well I got in for a split second when I ran as an Admin. (Right click on file > Run as Administrator) … but the game black screened and crashed. So I tried running as an admin again but I am once again getting the “Failed to host lobby” error. So it may have just been a fluke, but worth checking out.

Many have accused this game of being a recycle of Black Ops 3 and interestingly, along with weapons, maps, and characters, Black Ops 4 borrows this issue from Black Ops 3. “Failed to Host Lobby” was an issue with Black Ops 3 multiplayer as well.

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