Black Ops 4 Memory Leak Will Reduce Your HDD’s Life, Kills Windows

Black Ops 4 might be the next big thing to take on PUBG in the battle royale space but the Black Ops 4 Memory Leak issue is causing a lot of trouble for people. Players of the game are reporting that the Black Ops 4 Memory Leak is causing damage to drives and can potentially corrupt Windows a well.

It turns out that Black Ops 4 writes and re-writes thousands of MBs on your SSD. This will slowly kill your drive and will hence reduce the life of your storage device. If you play the game regularly then it is just a matter of time before a crash causes a corruption in Windows. Then you will need to reinstall windows.

You can check out the Black Ops 4 Memory Leak issue in the image below to see the difference for yourself.

Black Ops 4 Memory Leak
Black Ops 4 Memory Leak

You can see from the image that Black Ops 4 Memory Leak causes the game to take up more than 10 GB of additional space which is a lot. This number will increase with time and if you have a smaller drive then the game will crash sooner. This is a serious issue that will damage your SSD or HDD.

Storage devices rely on read and write cycles. The sooner you complete those cycles the sooner you need to replace the drive. The user reported that if this issue was not there then he could have gotten more out of his SSD. Other than that he did experience corruption in Windows and needed to do a fresh install.

I am sure that the developers already know about this issue and that the game will be patched. We will keep you updated regarding the matter so stay tuned.

Let us know what you think about the Black Ops 4 Memory Leak issue and whether or not you have had a similar experience as well.

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