Black Ops 4 Leaked Gameplay is Inevitable, Early Copies are Out

Black Ops 4 is just a few days away and some lucky people will be able to get their hands on the game before the worldwide release. So prepare yourself for some leaked gameplay videos as it’s been reported that early game copies of Black Ops 4 have been sent to countries like Spain and Israel.

This was revealed through a Tweet which mentioned that lots of Black Ops 4 copies have been sent out to be delivered in Spain and Israel. Another user has reportedly seen these copies being delivered to his local GAME store.

Now, this does sound good for Call Of Duty fans but bad on the other hand as people will be uploading their early gameplay videos. If you hate spoilers then you should definitely stay away from everything related to Black Ops 4 on the internet.

Just a week remains so the time is not that far when you can finally play the game with your friends online in Blackout, Multiplayer or zombies mode.

As for the game, Treyarch has recently unveiled two new maps coming to Black Ops 4. There’s a new multiplayer map called Morocco along with one of our favorite from Black Ops 1 that is Summit. Yes, Summit is returning and has been remastered just for you in Black Ops 4.

As for Morocco, it’s desert-themed type map and will be definitely fun to play along with friends.

Thanks to Sony, cross-play is the most favourite topic nowadays and Black Ops 4 is the most expected game to feature it in the near future. But sadly,  Treyarch has confirmed that it’s not happening anytime soon. It will take some time to implement and they are already busy with aspects of the game like Blackout.

When it comes to leaks, there are always a lot related to Call Of Duty games every year. This time, a user managed to leak Black Ops 4 zombies Classified information which includes new perks, new layouts and more.

Black Ops 4 has managed to receive a lot of positive response since its Blackout Beta and it will officially hit the stores on October 12 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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