Black Ops 4 is 15th Main Game in the Series and It’s Chasing Trends in the Name of Innovation

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 was showcased recently, it is the 15th main game in the series but for the first time ever a COD game won’t be featuring a single player storyline. Instead, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is going to feature a Battle Royale mode and a hero shooter multiplayer experience, similar to Overwatch.

Of course, Zombies are back as well and while all of these should be add-ons on top of a set piece storyline, these have now become the core of Call of Duty. The reaction from the community has been mixed so far but the veteran Call of Duty audience is definitely not happy with the new direction.

Looking at the new Call of Duty design one wonders what exactly did Activision mean by “Forget What You Know.” What exactly are we suppose to forget here, the single-player storyline? Because Battle Royale and Hero Shooters are pretty well known already.

Calling it innovation, they are following trends to make a few extra dollars this year. Nothing about what they have done with Call of Duty this year is new or innovative, of course, it is new to Call of Duty. Battle Royale and Zombies are the most generic way to monetize these days.

The foundation of what makes Call of Duty great is a strong storyline and an even better multiplayer experience. One can not exist without the other but here, the Battle Royale trend is replacing the core of Call of Duty. They are pursuing popular trends by stripping Call of Duty of its identity, instead of using these modes as additional layers to enrich player experience.

The level of corporate greed goes to another level with Black Ops 4 thanks to them reusing assets from the previous Call of Duty games. They are adding the most popular Black Ops maps together to create one giant Battle Royale map. Same goes for characters this year. So minimum effort for maximum profit, does that justify $60 price tag? Absolutely not!

This doesn’t mean Black Ops 4 won’t be a fun game but I don’t recognize it as a Call of Duty.

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