Black Ops 4 Holiday Event Update Now Live, Double XP, Snowballs, PC Fixes and More

Black Ops 4 holiday event update is now live starting with PS4. Treyarch has now also released the latest game settings update in Black Ops 4 to address some of the big issues with its PC version. This holiday event in Black Ops 4 is now live on PS4 through all modes including zombies, multiplayer and Blackout.

Black Ops 4 holiday event will arrive on Xbox One and PC next week. Blackout has now received items like Snowballs, holiday lighting & decorations, and holiday-themed Supply Stashes. To celebrate, Treyarch is giving away Black Ops 4 double XP back in multiplayer, zombies and double merits in Blackout mode. Double XP will arrive in Black Ops 4 on all platforms today at 10 AM PT.

Close Quarters Frenzy mode is finally coming to all platforms starting today at 10 AM PT and will remain till 17 December. Black ops 4 PC 1.09 update is now also available. Treyarch released a quick note to discuss PC updates.

The developer mentioned that they now have a dedicated team for PC. That’s why they are now going to take more time to make sure each update is tuned and tested before releasing it to the public. This is why the PC updates of Black Ops 4 arrive at a later date as compared to the consoles. Though Treyarch mentioned that they’ll always aim for the 24-hour window after the console update.

You can check out the summary of Black Ops 4 PC and full PS4 patch notes below.


  • Blackout Holiday Event: Snowballs, festive lighting/decorations, and holiday-themed Supply Stashes (PS4)
  • Winter Event Stream in Black Market for MP and Blackout (PS4)
  • Winter Calling in Zombies (PS4)
  • PC 1.09 title update
  • Zombies stability/exploit fixes for Dead of the Night
  • MP stability improvements for Zero’s Ice Pick
  • Fixed stuck flare issue in Blackout


General Event

  • Limited-time Winter Event stream now live in the Black Market with new items to unlock for use in Multiplayer and Blackout.


  • Holiday Event now live in Blackout, first on PS4.
  • Added Snowballs, holiday lighting & decorations, and holiday-themed Supply Stashes.
  • Character Missions
  • Addressed an issue with the Character Mission for the IX version of Shaw that prevented one of the mission requirements from registering.

Zombies Event

  • Limited-time Winter Calling event stream now live with new items to unlock in the Zombies Barracks.
  • Dead of the Night


  • Fixed some crashes that could occur during the Pack-a-Punch Quest.


  • Closed an exploit where players could reach a safe area in the East Stairway.
  • Closed an exploit where players could reach a safe area in the Forest.
  • Close some exploits where players could get into safe areas using Nowhere But There.

Multiplayer Stability

  • Fixed multiple crashes that could occur when Zero’s Ice Pick was used.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when unlocking the Gold Camo for the Daemon 3XB and the Diamond Camo for the SWAT RFT. [updated 4PM PT]


  • Addressed an issue where targeting reticles would still be visible when controlling a Mantis that had been hit by an EMP Disruptor.
  • Addressed an issue where controlling a Mantis that was hit with an EMP Disruptor, exiting the Mantis, then re-entering the Mantis could cause it to lose functionality.



  • Added a scrollbar and numbers to the Dark Ops Challenges screen to point out additional challenges off-screen.
  • Fixed a missing image for the Handling Master Challenge in the After Action Report.


  • Addressed an issue that prevented some Reactive Camos from progressing if attachments were equipped.


  • Armor: Repairs done on Armor will no longer disappear if that Armor had been previously worn by another player, then dropped after being repaired.


  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur while downed.


  • Addressed an issue that would cause a red flare and smoke to stay on players after they landed.

General Personalization

  • Some previously-acquired Warpaints now properly display in the updated Character Customization menus (remaining Warpaints to come in an upcoming fix).
  • Paintshop
  • Addressed an issue that would cause UI Errors to appear when scrolling to Melee weapons in Paintshop.

That’s not all, you can check out the full patch notes for the PC update of Black Ops 4 here.  Operation Absolute Zero has also arrived in Black Ops 4. It brings new weapons, a new specialist, Blackout and Black Market changes.

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