It Seems Black Ops 4 Has NAT Based Matchmaking

Black Ops 4 has NAT based matchmaking whcih means you won't be paired with players with a different NAT type. A fix needs to be released soon.

Black Ops 4 beta went live on PC over the weekend but it seems there is an issue with its matchmaking. Black Ops 4 only pairs you with players with the same NAT type, it seems.

We tried the beta over the weekend and could not add each other in the same team. NAT type error kept showing up and we came to the conclusion that the UI and the main menu matchmaking is based on your NAT type. If you add your friends to the party through the main menu, you will have to make sure your NAT type is the same.

While we may have not been able to play with each other, we were able to access the Blackout on our own. However, it took 15-20 minutes before the servers were full which indicates that it is not just an issue with adding players to your team, you won’t be paired with players with different NAT type in-game as well; which explains why it took so long to fill the servers.

Half of our team used a wired broadband connection while the rest used a wireless 4G connection with different NAT types. It is an odd design, one that is inconvenient for the user, especially, for the likes of us who can not change our NAT type due to the nature of our connection type, a 4G wireless internet device.

Matchmaking should work regardless of your NAT type, it is something Treyarch needs to look.

Our early impressions will be posted later today so do check back to know what we think of Treyarch’s Black Ops 4 Blackout.

Black Ops 4 Blackout mode beta is going to end later today so make sure you test it if you haven’t already. This is the last time players will be able to access the beta

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