Black Ops 4 Fan Made Map Changes Being Reviewed by Treyarch, More Changes Incoming?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise that Treyarch is really interested in getting feedback from the players for their upcoming Black Ops 4 and recently a fan-made map suggestion has made its way to the developers which means that the changes might occur at launch.

This fan-made map suggestion involved some changes needed to be made especially in the Control mode of the game to allow fair competition.

The above user shared this image on Black Ops 4 subreddit discussing how the changes need to be done in a certain map which was hard to play objective mode on like Control. The suggestion is to open a locked area to allow easier access to the location which was really hard to defend before. To which Treyarch developer Matt Scronce responded by leaving a check mark leaving all the fans wondering and full of excitement.

It’s pretty clear that Treyarch is listening to the community always and whether this change will make its way to the game or not, we are sure that check mark is definitely a hint to that is has been and might be looked into to result in a change. This could result in a change on the launch day of the game or even sometime after so keep the hopes high.

Treyarch has already done a lot of changes to the game depending on player feedback and it’s definitely, also the reason that everyone loved playing Blackout due to the mutual understanding between the players and the studio.

As for the game, we are very close to the release date and Black Ops 4 file size on Xbox One has been revealed which tell us that you will need 42.6 GB of space to install it on your system so do it now to save you time later.

Also for the Xbox users, it might sound weird but Blackout mode does look better on Xbox One X but runs better on PS4 Pro.

We have also spotted two new maps in the recent trailer of the game and each one looks different than the other so we are also expecting them to be present at launch for free along with other 11 confirmed maps.

Black ops 4 will release on October 12, 2018, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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