Black Ops 4 Is Bringing Back Emblem Editor And Paintjob System

Treyarch has made sure that fans of Call Of Duty are not disappointed with Black Ops 4 and that is why, while they have brought in so many new features, seemingly they have also brought in more customization options like Emblem Editor and Paint Job System.

Apparently, this weeks beta seems to have brought in this news, there have been multiple claims by the fans, which have indicated the presence of Emblem Editor and Paintjob System in this upcoming game.

A user has revealed an image he took for the Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, which shows the menu, in which we get to see the options for Emblem Editor and paint job. So it does seem to reason that these two customization options will probably be making a return in this game.

Little is known about these customization options but from what anyone can gather, is that players will be able to enable or disable the content generated by the users as well as pick their own their own users generated Emblems or paint jobs.

Considering this, if you guys remember Black Ops 3 introduced Weapon customizations as well, so bets are that perhaps we just might see that as well. However, at this moment we can’t be completely certain about any of this but considering the screenshot is legit, which it appears to be, in that case, we will have these customization options for sure.

As you may know, we have been having Black Ops 4 betas lately but for the private beta there was only a time period defined, now, however, Activision has given the exact date for the private beta, which is 10th of September.

So not sure how the complete game will turn out to be but based on the betas so far, fans surely have an idea of how this game will turn out to be. Since betas are a way for the devs to test the product in working, perhaps they will improve a few things which have raised some concerns.

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