Black Ops 4 Blackout Armor To Be Nerfed at Launch, Treyarch Promises

The latest Blackout Beta of Black Ops 4 has come to an end which received a surprisingly well response from the community and exciting everyone more than ever for the game’s release on October 12. Despite all the good stuff, there have been some complaints about certain aspects of the game including Armor which is more than just annoying.

There have been huge complaints regarding Armor in Black Ops 4 and people have been still wondering whether their biggest issue with the game will be ever solved or not by Treyarch. But finally, someone from Treyarch went out to address the issue and has revealed that these changes to Blackout Armor will definitely be made and before launch so be patient.

Thanks to Nadeshot, a professional Call Of Duty player who shared a clip on Twitter showing how much overpowered Armor really is in the game and how much unfair it can get.

To which, Conserva, engineer of Treyarch replied by ensuring that the changes are on their way, calming down everyone who was more than just angry with this issue or other issues.

Treyarch already made some changes to the Armor system following the Beta by decreasing the spawn rate of Level 3 Armor by 75% which is a big change as it will be really hard to find one now.

Here’s the list of changes which have been made following Blackout Beta:

  • Spawn frequency of Level 3 Armor has been reduced by 75% compared to its initial spawn rate in the Beta.
  • Level 3 Armor will now most frequently be found in Stashes and Supply Drops, though it may occasionally spawn in the world.
  • Level 3 Armor now breaks sooner and passes more damage to the player wearing it, and still offers headshot and other types of damage mitigation. We’ve heard your concerns that Level 3 Armor was still perhaps too powerful by the end of the Beta, and will be evaluating the data to see what other tweaks may be required.
  • Level 2 Armor was also minorly adjusted during the Beta and will potentially be tweaked further in time for launch.
  • Players will see an indicator of the condition of their own Armor, and those of their teammates, in the HUD. This provides a more granular indicator of the damage that your Armor has taken beyond the Armor icon and will let you know if it’s time to seek out a replacement.

Devs are really proud of what they have done with the game and they say that dropping the campaign is part of an evolution whether you like it or not.

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