Black Ops 4 Blackjack Stashes in Blackout Bring Back Pay-to-Win Outcry

New Black Ops 4 update has now arrived introducing Blackjack Stashes into the game’s Blackout mode. Activision explained in a recent blog post that every single player in Black Ops 4 Blackout will get the opportunity to unlock one of Blackjack’s Stashes per match.

The new feature was supposed to make the Black Ops 4 community happy but instead, everyone is now angry since Blackjack Stashes will bring a pay-to-win element to the battle royale mode. That’s because these stashes will reward players with a random exclusive weapon in Blackout mode but only if you have already unlocked them. If you don’t have anything unlocked in-game via the Reserves then these stashes will be of no use to you.

Given how hard it is to earn exclusive weapons from Black Market reserves, it’s safe to assume that most players in the game have or will purchase these weapons with real-world money. This way, more players will be now forced to purchase weapons from Black Market in order to compete with other players in Blackout. Do note that you cannot pick these exclusive Blackjack weapons from the ground as well.

Treyarch has now revealed that Blackjack’s Stashes will be only available via limited time modes. That means Blackjack’s Stashes will not be accessible through solo, duo or squad which is good news for casual players of the game.

The updated statement from Treyarch reads:

Blackjack’s Stash is a new feature that we’re introducing in limited-time modes only (not in core competitive Solo, Duos, or Quads matches) first on PS4. You’ll be able to unlock one of these rare new Stashes per match if you find one, and it will contain Black Market weapons that you currently have in your collection. For example, if you’ve earned the Vendetta sniper rifle in the Operation Spectre Rising Contraband stream, it will be available for you to equip from Blackjack’s Stash during a match in a limited-time mode.

Overall the community is upset about the fact that how Treyarch is adding exclusive guns in a competitive mode. This is not the first time that Activision has disappointed Call of Duty fans as the previous Black Ops 4 update brought pay to win elements to the multiplayer mode. We do hope that Treyarch learns it that nobody wants to see pay to win elements in the game.

As for Black Ops 4 Update Version 1.19, it’s now available to download on Sony’s PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The latest patch weighs about 13 GB in size on Microsoft Xbox One.

The latest update brings a new Contract system to the game allowing players to earn rewards by playing matches. These contracts are now available in modes like Multiplayer, Blackout, Zombies and League Play. These contracts are for those players who are tired of endless grinding in Black Ops 4.

Aside from contracts, the new update adds more maps to the map rotation in modes like Prop Hunt and Capture the Flag.

The update also adds new medals, equipment and humiliations in Blackout mode and includes the introduction of Hard Mode Gauntlets in Zombies. Interested folks can check out the full Black Ops 4 update patch notes provided by Treyarch on Reddit.

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