Black Ops 4 Single Player Might Be Skipped, Battlefield 5 Team Already Happy About It

Treyarch recently decided to not include Black Ops 4 Single Player campaign. Hearing this news the developers of Battlefield 5 are ecstatic over the news.

There have been numerous reports lately which suggest that Treyarch will not be including Black Ops 4 Single Player campaign in the game. Although it’s not confirmed but seems like developers of Battlefield 5 are ecstatic to see the single player being dropped.

We all know that the only legit competitor for COD: Black Ops 4 is Battlefield 5 and seems to be that if this decision becomes a reality, the Battlefield 5 Team would be very much happy about it.

For now, EA and DICE are apparently under an impression that Treyarch and Activision would be doing them a favor by throwing away the single-player campaign.

According to the reports by VentureBeat, the Battlefield developers DICE are really keen about this single players campaign. The Battlefield team believes that this will serve as an advantage over its competitor.

Well to be honest only time will tell. For all, we know this could just be a reflexive response by DICE just to remain in the picture.

Overall this is a game of marketing, and at this point, both the developers are trying to push the limits to see what the other has to say.

Although, there is one question, who in the right mind would buy these games for the Single player campaign? Both of these games are known for their multiplayer style.

That being said, this is certainly not the first time we have heard about Black Ops 4 Single Player campaign not to be included. We have been having various rumors and leaks that did suggest the possibility of Treyarch leaving the single player behind.

While we have all this into context, there is an epidemic of Battle Royale games everywhere. Seems like almost everyone has fallen victim to it.

Recently there have been few reports that talk about Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5, both games in consideration for a Battle Royale mode.

Which would be really exciting if it happens, for now, it would be a sane move, to hold back on this Battle Royale thing, until we hear some authentic news.