New Black Ops 3 Zombies Trailer Hints At Story Behind the Mode

A new Black Ops 3 zombies trailer that has come out for the “Revelations” zombie map of the “Salvation” DLC pack in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has been released onto YouTube by Treyarch, and shows us hints of the story that seems like it will finally be resolved with this game.

In addition to the four multiplayer maps that the DLC is going to have, the new DLC will be coming out with the “Revelations” zombie map, which will continue the conspiracy theory and Easter Egg-laden Call of Duty Treyarch zombies story. Salvation will be the fourth and final DLC pack released for Black Ops 3, considering that Infinite Warfare is going to be coming out in November.

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The Salvation DLC came out last month on September 6 on Playstation 4, but this Thursday, players on Xbox One and PC will also be able to get the game, hence the trailer.

The last Black Ops 3 zombies trailer hints at the mode continuing its increasingly crazy-looking maps, though now players are fighting what appears to be interdimensional monsters, demons, and ghosts in addition to zombies, rather than doing things like fighting zombified space chimps, tentacled creatures, and more.

Other zombie modes included Gorod Krovi, which had cyborg zombies, giant mecha, and at least one dragon flying around the ruins of an alternate Stalingrad, and the “Origins” map that had three different giant robots stomping around the arena.

The trailer, fitting in with a lot of the rest of the Black Ops zombie story, revolves around a group of different characters (apparently both older and younger versions of the characters that we’ve played for the entirety of Treyarch’s last three games and their zombie modes), but hopefully when the DLC comes out on the Xbox and PC we’ll finally get some more concrete plot information (if people on Playstation 4 haven’t already figured it out.)