Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil Wall Weapons Locations Guide

Aside from Wonder Weapons and Mystery Box Weapons, there are a numerous weapons that you can buy off walls. Unlike previous ‘Zombies Mode’ iterations; there are hardly any bad weapons in Shadows of Evil.

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Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil Wall Weapons Locations

This guide details the locations of all Wall Weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops III zombie map, Shadows of Evil:

Cost: 500
This weapon is located in the alleyway where you initially spawn near the truck and the Perk-a-Cola machine.

Cost: 500
In addition to being a Mystery Box Weapon, it can also be found as a Wall Weapon across from the area where the Summoning Key is located.

Cost: 750
This weapon is available in both Shadows of Evil and the Der Riese remake. To find it in the Shadows of Evil, head over to the Junction near the area leading to the inner district.

Cost: 1,250
This weapon is located in the Waterfront District, Canal District, as well as the upper Footlight District. In the Giant, it’s located on the spot where M-1897 Trench used to be.

Cost: 1,250
Vesper is another SMG which can be found on both Shadows of Evil as well as the Giant. In Shadows of Evil, you can find it on a wall inside the rift area accessible from all three districts. You can also Pack-a-Punch it to upgrade it to Infernus.

Cost: N/A
There are plenty of areas where you’ll be able to find KN-44 on Shadows of Evil It’s easily one of the most commonly available weapon on the entire map.

Cost: 1,600
Aside from being available as a Mystery Box Weapon, HVK-300 is also available as a Wall Weapon in Shadows of Evil.

Bowie Knife
Cost: 3,000
The Bowie Knife is available as a Wall Weapon in the Giant. You need to head over to the opposite side of the large door leading towards the Teleporter in Z-C and find it near the Power Switch.

L-Car 9
Cost: 750
In Shadows of Evil, this weapon appears on the table outside the spawn area and in the Giant, it appears where M1A1 Carbine used to be.

Cost: 1,500
This weapon is located in the Canal District where the ruby place is. You can buy it for 1,500 points.

Cost: 2,000
While heading to Footlight District from the Canal District, you’ll see the Wall Buy for Bootlegger in the direction where the symbols for the Easter Egg are located.

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