Black Ops 3 Zombies: How To Kill Panzer In Der Eisendrache

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

While you might have grown used to killing regular zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, killing a Panzer is an entirely different story.

Panzersoldat is an armored German undead soldier who uses a Rocket pack to attack you. This enemy first appeared in Origins and later made its way to Der Eisendrache and Revelations.

Panzer first spawns in Der Eisendrache in round 12 after which it can randomly spawn after 4 or 6 rounds. This guide details everything you need to know to get rid of Panzer in as little time and as easily as possible.

Strategies to kill Panzer fast in BO3 Zombies

In Der Eisendrache, Panzers not only have slight variations in their attack patterns but are also a little harder to kill. Still, there are a handful of techniques that you can apply in your gameplay to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Haymaker Strategy

The key to killing Panzer on Der Eisendrache in Black Ops 3, using this strategy is using the Haymaker and the Ray Gun. You need to equip yourself with a high-damage weapon and spray it while continuously changing your position. Doing so will allow you to get rid of the Panzer in merely a couple of shots.

Needless to say, you should also make sure that you are always aiming for its head. If not possible, you can also aim at the chest, but whenever you can, always go for the headshots to get the quick kill.

Death Trap Strategy

With the Panzer chasing you, run up the stairs from the Courtyard and head to where the Deathtrap is. Make sure you have your Wrath of the Ancients bow equipped. Stand in the semi-circular area and wait for the Panzer to approach. This area is the safe region for the Death Trap.

As soon as Panzer is in range, activate the Death Trap for 1000 points and it will zap everything with electricity except the area where you are standing. Now this will not kill Panzer on its own but it will keep him stuck in place and you can use your bow to land high-damage shots until he is dead.

Pop Shocks Strategy

The easiest and probably the most satisfying way to kill a Panzer in Der Eisendrache involves using a Gobblegum called Pop Shocks. This Gobblegum allows you to send electricity through any enemy you knife.

If you melee a regular enemy in a horde it will kill the nearby enemies as well but for Panzer, this becomes an insta-kill.

The effect for Pop Shocks insta-kill lasts for 5 melee strikes which makes it super-efficient for the boss battle where multiple Panzers spawn. 

Rocket Rescue Strategy

When the Panzer arrives, run down to the Test Rocket area. As you enter the area, you will hear that the rocket test sequence is about to begin so evacuate the area. What you have to do is stall the zombies in that area until the countdown finishes. Now this will kill you as well. So what you will do is stall the zombies until the sequence is near the final 3 seconds. Then you run for the jump pod and jump out of the area leaving the zombies and Panzer behind long enough to fry them all.

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