Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles Map Details Leaked, Will Include Numerous Remastered Maps From Old Games

After yesterday’s confirmation from ESRB regarding Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles, we now have more leaked information that sheds more details on the upcoming DLC.

According to a reddit thread, after digging through the game’s code following a recent game update, it seems like the Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles update will offer players 8 maps to play on.

The Zombie Chronicles, which happens to be the fifth DLC for Black Ops 3, will basically be a remastered version of all of Treyarch’s zombie game modes since the company added the game mode in Call of Duty World at War.The game code reveals that Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles will have the following remastered HD maps available from previous games:

  • 3 maps; Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt and Shi No Numa from World at War
  • 4 maps; Kino Der Toten, Ascension, Shangri-la and Moon from Black Ops
  • Origins map from Black Ops II

However, these maps aren’t the only additions to the game which will be coming with the new DLC as there are also some calling cards featuring characters from other games such as Nikolai and Dempsey.

According to Amazon in a reply to Gamepur, the DLC will be releasing in late June. Whether someone already owns the previous DLC maps or not, this bundle should be a great way to kickstart the Black Ops 3 zombies journey given how it is brimming with content.

The DLC will of course not be just limited to remastered maps as there is a possibility of at least one new and original map as part of the final Black Ops 3 Zombies content. As of right now, there is still no official confirmation from the developers regarding this DLC but there is a reveal planned for Thursday so hopefully, more information will be revealed at that time.

Considering how Black Ops 3 came out two years ago, it is really nice to see Treyarch and Activision still actively supporting the game. Hopefully, the upcoming Call of Duty WWII gets the same treatment and shakes things up similar to what it is doing with the multiplayer of the game.

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