How To Get Shadows of Evil Wonder Weapon Apothic Servant

Let's get you the Alien Wonder Weapon in BO3 Zombies Shadows of Evil.

Apothicon Servant is the new wonder weapon in Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil map. This weapon looks like an Apothicon stuck to your arm but what’s truly amazing is that this monstrous gun shoots purplish Black Holes of a sort. The blast fired from this gun attracts and kills any zombies near it and it becomes static at a place and keeps on dragging and killing zombies. After a few seconds, it explodes killing all the zombies within its blast radius. The damage on this gun is Infinite but it also needs to be reloaded after every shot.

The Apothicon Servant has different names in Shadows of Evil, depending on who is wielding this wonder weapon. You might come across Mar-Astagua, Nar-Ullaqua, Kor-Maroth, or Lor-Zarozzor. All these are the names of the wonder weapons with the same effects, The Apothicon Servant.

This guide will tell you all you need to know about this Wonder Weapon and if it can be upgraded or not.

How to Get Apothicon Servant Wonder Weapon in Shadows of Evil

In Shadows of Evil, the Apothicon Servant can only be built. To build this devastating weapon, you need to find its part which can be obtained from the Apothicon enemies. With all the parts in hand, the weapon can be built on a standard build table. There is no need for any special build table to assemble the Apothicon Servant. After building the weapon, you will receive the weapon and it can also be found in the Mystery Box from that point on. So don’t be scared to run into a horde of enemies expecting you to work all the way again just to assemble the weapon.

You need Margwa Heart, Margwa Tentacle, and Xenomatter to build this weapon.

  • To acquire the Margwa Heart, you need to kill the Margwa which will first appear on round-8.
  • The Margwa Tentacle is acquired as random loot from a green plant salvaged using the Fumigator. It can also spawn in loot from a high-tier harvest pod.
  • The Xenomatter is also acquired as random loot from dead Parasites or Insanity Elementals. This will appear in loot after round 12.

How to Upgrade Apothicon Servant Wonder Weapon

The Apothicon Servant can be upgraded. But you cannot apply ‘Pack-a-Punch’ on this gun as it does overpowering damage already. To upgrade the Apothicon Servant, you must first kill 40 zombies with this gun. As you complete the kill requirement, an audio plays which tells you that the requirement has been met.

After the killing, the gun will start to act like a sensor. As you walk in a certain direction, the screen will pulse or the controller will vibrate(PlayStation). As you reach the designated point, it will pulse over 4 pulses a second, and an interaction option will pop up to “Hang a Cocoon.”

There are 15 such locations and you need to interact with 2. You will hang a cocoon and then come back to one of the same places after a round. Another interaction will pop up saying, “Open the Cocoon,” and once you interact with it, you will receive an upgraded version of the Apolithicon Servant with an additional name, Arbgwaoth, next to the name of the gun. It will replace the original Apothicon Servant in your hand.


All players must complete the process with their own Apothicon Servant to upgrade it for themselves.

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