Black Ops 3 Mountain Dew Promotion Ditching Xbox In Favor of PlayStation?

Just last month, based on some suggestive evidence, we brought you a report saying that Call of Duty content exclusivity deal could be moved to Sony. Meaning, instead of Xbox, PlayStation will get DLCs early and will take the lead on its promotions.

While we don’t yet know if that is true or not, we have some interesting news for you that adds more weight to that previous report.

As we know, Call of Duty, Mountain Dew, Doritos and Xbox go hand in hand every time a new installment comes our way. Same is the case this year as Call of Duty Black Ops 3 sits proud on the label of Mountain Dew Game Fuel (You can see the image of it below).

That’s not the interesting part, there is a URL on the label – – that takes you to the official website. Here we can see a promotional image for Warframe and a sentence saying Dew and Doritos are “teaming up” with Playstation to bring us closer to our “favorite games.”

Call of Duty_ Black Ops III Mountain Dew Promotion

Favorite games? Could this mean that the promotional deal goes beyond Warframe? Has Call of Duty MTN Dew promotion been moved from Xbox to Sony’s PlayStation?

Sony or Microsoft are yet to comment on this but from the looks of it, things may have changed. Still, we will require an official confirmation.

This isn’t a surprise as PlayStation 4 is the leading console around the world right now. Now the only question I want answered, is Activision moving its exclusivity deal to PlayStation as well?

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