Black Ops 3 Modtools Coming Soon to Alpha; Treyarch Confirms

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Modtools have been in the talks since the day the game released, and have been in the works at Treyarch Studios since November last year. Now, it looks like the feature will be going into alpha testing very soon!

Cesar Stastny, the Director of Development at Treyarch – commonly known on Twitter with his handle @pcdev – has confirmed a couple of hours ago that the developers were done with most of the feature and that closed alpha testing will start any day now.

Alongside the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 modtools, he also mentioned their map editor, teasing that it has changed a lot ever since Treyarch Studios released it the last time. Even in the case of the original Black Ops, the developers had released the mod tools but not the map editor.

For those of you who don’t know or remember, it has been eight years since the map editor came out last time for Call of Duty World at War. Certainly, technology has advanced by a great margin since then and that has to reflect on the editing tools as well.

Stastny did not give us a specific date for the Black Ops 3 modtools closed alpha launch, but since they have been working on it since November at least, we are sure it won’t be too long now.

Black Ops 3 has remained the most popular game on the Xbox One for a good long time until recently when Ubisoft’s The Division dethroned it to take the top spot. However, we are sure millions of you are still going to be siked about the modtools that Treyarch is building for you.

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