Black Ops 2 Zombies Turned Strategy Guide

The recently released Revolution pack came with Black Ops 2 Zombies mode called Turned, which allows players to finally play as the undead.

The object of the mode is simple, the human player must survive for as long as possible while the zombie player must kill him. Once a human player has been hunted down, both players will exchange roles and start anew.

The mode will begin with both players as Zombies. Whoever touches the bottle of cure first will become human and hence start gaining 10 points for every second that he is alive. Additionally a last stand bonus will be awarded to the final human player alive in the game. The player with the most points at the end of the six minute time limit wins.

Power Ups and Related Achievements
There are a couple of Power ups scattered about the map which can be picked up by both Humans and Zombies. A Nuke instantly kills all players on the map and allows the one who picked it up to be the next Human. A Cymbal Monkey can also be picked up through a new Power up and it also has an achievement tied to it.

As humans pick and throw the monkeys at the Zombies. On killing one, pick up the white monkey which the dead zombie should have dropped. As zombies, simply ignore the monkey and slash the human.

Zombie Play
You have a choice of either swiping with both arms or independently with each hand. In the end a single swipe will be enough to kill a human player.

The undead come with a lot of perks in this mode. They are immune to any fire damage from either the lava or explosions; nor will they catch fire like in the other game modes.

While running the Zombies will scream from time to time which eventually alerts nearby human players of their locations. However, your sight allows you to see through walls so use that to your advantage when going in for the kill.

You should also use other zombies to you advantage as well. On a successful kill humans will instantly switch to a new weapon. This is an opening for you, hence let other zombies go in and once the human begins to switch weapons; kill.

Never run in a straight path, you’ll only make yourself an easier target. Instead strafe left to right in an attempt to dodge their shots. Know that your running speed is far greater than that of humans, so it’s easier for you to dodge their initial burst of fire in an arc and then start swiping when they start reloading.

Human Play
As mentioned above, humans die from a single Zombie swipe. This doesn’t leave much room for error.

Keep your distance. The zombies are much faster than you so it’s not advisable for you to run up to them. Instead go back to a corner and lock down an area; have them come to you instead. That said, do not stand still while firing. The good undead players will run in in a zig-zag pattern to dodge your rain of fire. Use strafe to run back and forth to keep them chasing.

Remember that one kill will have your character switching to a new weapon. This provides zombies with an open window to come charging in. Most of the times they will come in packs; kill the first one and start running back until your next weapon is ready. Standing at a single spot just signs your death warrant.

Lastly do not be afraid of throwing grenades.

There is also an achievement for humans which they can unlock by cycling through all the guns in a public match.

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