Black Ops 2 Zombies Town Survival Strategy Guide

Black Ops 2 Zombies Survival Mode offers the same classic survival experience from the previous games. In this Black Ops 2 Zombies Town Survival Strategy guide, we look at the Green Run Town map, along with its key locations, how things shape up in the map, and how to survive the zombie assault for a long while.

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Black Ops 2 Zombies Town Survival Strategy

The Town map is a central city map and is more focused on earning points and roaming around. It is the largest of the three Green Run Survival maps.

The Urban design of town allows decent exploration, and though the map is on average narrow-spaced, it has plenty to offer.

This is the only Green Run Survival map that has Pack a Punch, and like Farm also has perks.
The map will have you starting near a lava-filled area with a Pack a Punch machine nearby. This can be considered as the center of the area, and the four pathways from here lead to various narrow streets filled with destroyed cars and broken roads.

Right next to the lava region is the Bar, which is indicated by the red glowing BAR sign. This should be accessed right away after killing a couple of zombies. Up the stairs in an awkward area you’ll find the mystery box.

Ahead of the box is a great broken corner of the wall that allows for some sight-seeing, and is an ideal spot for shooting away at zombies from a distant to test your newly acquired mystery box gun.

Another mystery box is located in one of the four paths, which leads to a metal fence with a Perk machine and the box. Like the other maps, this one also has a lot of fire and lava stuff going on the floor. However, this map has it with abundance, and there are high chances that in these closed spaces you will die from and explosive lit-up zombie if you don’t mind these lava streams.

There is also the Bank here, which is a great place to loop zombies. I would recommend buying the access to the bank after round 7 or 8. Opposite to the bank (on the other side of the central region) is a set of stairs leading up to a burnt upper-story building. Zombies spawn here as well, and this place is very important for crowding zombies together (looping).

Key Locations

  • Central Lava region
  • Bar
  • The Bank
  • Set of Stairs Leading to Upper-Story Building.

The Town

You are in the ruins of a small downtown main street. You’ll find two Perk-a-Colas here and you better equip everything since this town is packed with the undead.

City Streets
The area has loads of room to explore and kite zombies but you’ll find no wall-buy weapons here.

The streets allow you to access a bar with a second floor and the second floor apartments. The small floors have multiple entry points and you can be surrounded by zombies in a second if you’re not careful.

The Mystery Box will also make an appearance here. One possible location is upstairs in the bar and the other is in a small alley off the main street.

The Bank Vault
The main highlight of the bank is off course its main vault which contains two vault doors. The first vault door contains a safe deposit box which can be used by players to deposit or withdraw points.

The second vault door grants access to the innermost vault, which contains more deposit boxes.

Tips and Strategies

The first important tip in this map is to avoid the lava areas while you are actually shooting the zombies.

The second important thing to remember is to get access to the bar (and hence the main mystery box) as quickly as possible. Once you have done these two things, you have established yourself. If you leave this for later on, then you won’t survive for too long.

The bar should be your recuperating region. Kill some zombies and stuff, and when you feel you need to reload or breathe a bit, go back to the bar. Of course this will only work for the initial few rounds, but then again, most strategies will fail one way or the other at later rounds.

Keep the bar clean! Remember: the bar is your safe haven, and you have to maintain it that way. Make sure you don’t ignore the place for too long to let zombies populate both stories. A time will actually come that a lot of zombies will incubate there, but you should make sure that it stays as zombie-free as possible.

At later rounds (after round 5 onwards), you’ll need some more space than just the bar. At this time you should unlock the other regions, and opt to visit the bank more regularly. However, the bar will still remain the best option no matter what, and that is why you have to go back to it regularly.

This is because of the galvaknuckles, which are a great option for later use. They replace your knife with powerful electric gloves with which you can punch zombies in the face. I would recommend getting these gloves at round 8 or 9.

A highly effective method used by most zombie mode veterans is ‘looping’ zombies into clusters or collective horde. Since the zombies are relatively slow, you can maneuver them to your liking, and thus get them to cramp up after which you can spray your automatic gun’s mag right into them. If you’re playing with friends, it’s recommended that you get one of them to start looping.

Looping in the Town is a little difficult as compared to Bus Depot and Farm, mainly because of the widespread lava that surrounds a large part of the central area. Thus, you are required to make relatively larger paths for the zombies to follow, which can take a long time.

A good way to loop or get zombies jumbled up is to start off near the Pack-a-Punch machine, going towards the bar and then turning left into the bank. Once the zombies follow you into the bank, you can lead them up to the staircase adjacent to the bank, which will lead up to a burnt upper-story building.

Sadly, zombies spawn in that building too, but this can be dealt with by standing on the ledge of the broken wall and looking into the room. The zombies that follow you up the staircase and also the ones that spawn inside the upper story building should jumble up. You can shoot away from that ledge.

(Alternatively, you could do the same exact thing on the second story of the bar as well. However, the burnt building seems to be a better choice since after killing both the mystery boxes and perks are easily accessible).

Note that zombies cannot climb up this particular ledge from the ground. This makes this burnt/broken upper story building an extremely important part of the entire loop.

Of course, in order to complete all that you are required to unlock the bank. I’d recommend starting your loop strategy late – somewhere around round 8 or 9. Before you do so though, make sure to drink the Jugger-Nog perk to give you more survivability.

Another highly efficient way to go about the looping process is to create crawlers. Crawlers are basically zombies with destroyed legs, due to which the crawl (and are hence severely slowed down).

Not only will this give you some breathing space, but will also allow you to visit one or both of the mystery box and also the Pack-a-Punch (which requires some careful maneuvering because of its harsh location).

A great way to create crawlers is to chip in a grenade in a cluster of zombies that you have looped. At higher rounds, zombies don’t die immediately from grenades, and instead only have their legs mutilated, making them crawlers. This will spare you some time to recuperate and get things right, and should in general become a regular practice from round 15 onwards.

This map is a ton easier with friends, because it ensures that the bar and its immediate neighboring locations are as clean as possible.

The bulk of the zombie threat will come from the ones that are lit on fire in the center, and these can be taken care of easily by a group of two the camp near the bar mystery box on the upper story.

It’s important to communicate in this map because of the narrow and odd locations that one can die. Hence, make sure that you have ‘nametags’ for the various locations in the map, so that you can call out the location when downed or when in need of backup.

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