Black Ops 2 Zombies Bus Depot Survival Strategy Guide

The classic Survival Mode of Blacks Ops 2 zombies continues the trend of bulleting your way through never-ending waves of zombies, with the simple goal of surviving for as long as it takes. For that, we have prepared a Black Ops 2 Zombies Green Run Bus Depot Survival Strategy guide.

Green Run is the zombies level in Black Ops 2. Bus Depot is your first stop in this level to play the survival mode of the game. In this guide, we’ll go over the basics of the map, and how you should go on about to survive the countless undead that awaits you.

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Black Ops 2 Zombies Bus Depot Survival Strategy

Right, so this Bus Depot starts you off at an indoors bus terminal, with zombies leaking from just about everywhere. A lot of the zombies will actually spawn from the ground, so there’s no real good hiding spot, whether it’s inside the terminal or on the outside, which can be accessed through the front door for 750.

You can build the turbine in Black Ops 2 to use the door on the left and go outside. This will save you $750 that otherwise you will have to spend to open the locked door.

Outside the terminal is an open area with distant fog. The fog really cripples your viewing distance, and thus it’s safest to stay near the premises of the terminal.

The open road is the largest area available in all three of the maps, but it doesn’t do too well considering the fog and the ground-spawning zombies.

The big difference in this Black Ops 2 zombies map is that it has no Perk machines, and no Pack a Punch, which may make it the most challenging map for long-term survival.

Key Locations

  • Bus Terminal’s parameter
  • Road
  • Abandoned houses
  • Terminal indoors

The Bus Depot

You begin your journey from inside the terminal at the Bus Depot area. Inside the room there are a bunch of zombies who seem dulled-out and will have no interest in you.

However, if you attack anyone, all of them will charge at you. You need to take care of each one in order to open the door out of the Depot.

An important thing to note here is that you can knife down the zombies quickly. In the first round a single swipe will take care of each one. This is a good way to conserve your ammo and to rack up some points.

Keep a watchful eye on the barricades because once the fight begins, some of the zombies will begin attacking the barricades to bring them down. You can also repair damaged barricades to earn some easy cash.

At this point, I would like to bring to your attention to the work bench. You can use the items scattered around the map to build turbine.

Once turbine has been fashioned, any player in the game can pick it up for use. However, each survivor can only equip one finished item and one unfinished part.

Furthermore, if you respawn at the start of a new round, any unfinished part you were carrying is dropped where you went down.

Survival Tips and Strategies

As soon as you start, you should be using melee attacks against the zombies near the windows and any inside the terminal.

You shouldn’t try to get out of the place until you’ve actually gotten around 5-10 zombies. If you can’t find any, sacrifice some ammo to get some accurate shots into the ones standing at a distant.

Once you feel it’s safe enough to go outside (or if you really need to), spend the 750 points. I wouldn’t recommend buying any of the weapons inside the terminal before you get out.

The mystery box is located to the left of the main door. When you are regularly being forced to use your pistol, and have around 1300-1400 points at your disposal, you should consider opening it up. Again, I’ll heavily suggest that you should stay close to the terminal.

Try to detect the common spawning (emerging) locations of the zombies. Regularly check back inside the terminal to make sure it doesn’t get overcrowded with the undead.

Repairing barriers is always an important general tip for any map, and you shouldn’t forget about it. Do so when you don’t have many zombies around to get some points.

Like the other maps, lava flows in certain places as well, which will ignite the zombies that walk on it. When you kill these boys, they will explode. This can result in either you dying, or getting stunned so badly that you cannot run and your vision gets blurred. This is NOT a good status to be in when you have half a dozen or so zombies just two meters from your position.

To the left of the main entrance is an underground basement leading area. It has sandbags in the front. There’s no need to try to go through it, but it’s wise to regularly repair the barriers over there. Plenty of zombies seem to emerge from that place.

When the mystery box isn’t doing it for you, consider purchasing some of the wall weapons inside the terminal. However, I don’t recommend that until round 3 or 4.

When playing with friends (which is always the wiser choice for longer survival), have one each petrol the key locations of the map. The ones inside the depot and near the houses should have someone else with them (considering it’s 4-way co-op). The one patrolling the parameter should attempt to help clean up the terminal and lookout for the abandoned houses and road region.

At round 4, it’s a good idea to purchase weapons like shotguns for those raging fast zombies. It’s very hard to hit them with automatics or pistols, and they deal a hell lot of damage.

An efficient method of getting through rounds quickly is ‘looping’ zombies into clusters. Since the zombies are relatively slow, you can maneuver them to your liking. If you’re playing with friends, it’s recommended that you get one of them to start looping.

If you are playing solo, and feel a little brave, looping can be done in the open road and parking area located to the right of the main entrance. To loop zombies, just make them follow you round and round. This will collect zombies into a cluster, after which you can annihilate them with a good automatic weapon.

Since Bus Depot has no perks or Pack-a-Punch, you want to be careful in your looping. Make sure that the radius is large so you don’t accidentally get trapped in between zombies – if that happens, then you won’t survive for even 10 seconds.

Additionally, it’s best to NOT loop until and unless you have some very good weapon with plenty of ammunition. You can expect to get some good drops regularly while looping, which will allow you to sustain your practice.

Another extremely beneficial bonus that you get from looping is the ability to create a large amount of crawlers. Crawlers are basically zombies with destroyed legs. It’s hard to create crawlers before round 14 or so, but it isn’t necessary either.

The requirement for crawlers becomes more evident from round 15 onwards. The best way to create crawlers is to throw in a grenade after looping a large cluster of zombies. Since zombies won’t die quickly at higher rounds, the grenades will only partially damage them by destroying their legs, which will give you a whole lot of space to move around. Use this to get some good gear from the Mystery Box or check inside the bus terminal for some zombie occupants.

If you’re looking for a monotonous but highly efficient way of leveling and getting big scores, there is a camping spot in the Bus Depot map that is almost foolproof for the most part.

Walk around the parameter of the terminal. After passing the mystery box, turn left and you should see quite a bit of lava flowing. Next to the left wall however is asphalt floor which you can walk on easily to cross over the lava stream. Do so, and then turn around.

The direction you came from is the ONLY path where zombies can come after you, and since it is narrow, it will be basically free loops or clusters of zombies in which you can spray your bullets.

You can return to the mystery box or any of the wall-mount guns to recollect ammo, and then return to that spot. Apparently, NO zombie attacks you from behind or the sides on that spot, which makes everything so much easier. The only issue is that it’s an extremely boring place to be.

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