Black Ops 2 Weapons And Equipment Guide

As it is with every modern first-person-shooting title these days, Black Ops 2 comes with a huge arsenal of weaponry and tools at your disposal. Our Black Ops 2 Weapons and Equipment guide will do a deep dive in everything available for multiplayer fans.

Black Ops 2 Weapons And Equipment

The ‘Create a Class’ system offers you the freedom to create your own set of loadouts and quick-pick them before jumping into a map. There are no restrictions while making a custom class, you’re free to add in whatever weapon you’d like to use.

This of course means that you should have pre-knowledge of every single weapon in the list to make your job easier.

Our weapons and equipment guide serves that purpose.

All weapons are divided between three categories:

  • Primary Weapons
  • Secondary Weapons
  • Equipment

Equipping and then playing with a weapon will earn you XP points that in turn will unlock new attachments for that weapon only. If you’re interested in unlocking attachments for another gun, then you’ll have to start from scratch with that weapon alone.


Primary weapons are sub divided into six more divisions:

  • Assault Rifles
  • Sub-Machine Guns
  • Light Machine Guns
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Shot Guns
  • Assault Shields

Assault Rifles

These guns are the true workhorse of Blacks Ops 2. They can be effective at any range but are best suited when used for medium ranged combat.

On top of that, they also provide ample fire rate and mobility. Furthermore, they are useful on any given map on the multiplayer of the game.

  • M8A1: Its a four round burst rifle. The burst can be fired in quick succession.
  • Scar-H: This rifle offers increased range and damage.
  • AN-94: This is a fully automatic rifle. The first two rounds of each burst are fired at a faster rate.
  • SIG556: This is a tree round burst rifle. It offers a long range and even more accuracy for its longer range.
  • Type 25: It comes with a high rate of fire but also has moderate recoil to it.
  • SA-58: This is a semi automatic rifle. It does pack a punch and even has lighter recoil to it.
  • SMR: A semi automatic rifle. It is truly a beast. Does the most amount of damage per round and can do that on a long range as well. King of rifles in the game.
  • M27: Fully automatic rifle. Offers the most mobility in the assault rifles department.
  • MTAR: A jack of all trades. Offers everything you would want in a rifle. However, it does not excel in any particular department.
  • AK-47: Fully automatic rifle with a good amount of damage.
  • Galil: During Zombies, you can obtain this weapon from the Mystery Box for 950 Points and it has an ammo count of 35/315.
  • FAL: This semi-automatic Assault Rifle has an ammo capacity of 20/180 can be upgraded to become the WN via the Pack-A-Punch Machine

Sub-Machine Guns

Rushing in and gunning everyone down, that’s what SMG wielders should be thinking of. These weapons are extremely deadly in close-medium ranged and will burst down an opponent in the blink of an eye.

  • MP7: This is a fully automatic SMG PDW. It is a strong in all departments.
  • Skorpion Evo 3: The SMG with the highest fire rate in the game. However, it does not offer much of anything else.
  • PDW 57: As the name suggest it is a fully automatic personal defense weapon. It has the largest ammo capacity in this category. Furthermore, it packs a fair amount of punch, for an SMG that is.
  • Chicom CQB: This is three round burst sub machine gun.
  • MSMC: This is a fully automatic SMG. It does the most amount of damage in this category and even has reduced recoil.
  • Vector K10: It is a fully automatic SMG. This gun has little to no recoil thanks to the recoil mitigation technology.
  • Peacekeeper: This fully automatic weapon is a part of the Revolution DLC Map Pack. Its accuracy is on par with any Rifle but the speed and handling of an SMG.
  • AK47u: This is a full-auto carbine version of the AK-47 and be purchased during Zombies for 1200 points. It can also be found during certain Campaign Missions.
  • Uzi: This full-auto submachine gun can be purchased for 1500 points on the zombie map on two different game modes.
  • MP5: This gun is a zombies exclusive and can be purchased for 1,000 points

Light Machine Guns

These are the real damage dealing weapons in your arsenal. They fire bullets at an ungodly rate, and their magazines never seem to run out of ammo. They not only penetrate armor but can also do so from a very long range.

  • MK 48: It does a fair amount of damage at long ranges as well.
  • QBB LSW: This one has the fastest rate of fire in the LMGs category.
  • LSAT: A very well rounded LMG but does not excel in any one particular area.
  • HAMR: It has a mechanism that reduces fire rate over time and becomes more accurate over long ranges.
  • M60: This light machine gun can be obtained during “Time and Fate” and “Suffer With Me”. It has recoil and you can access in the customized loadout.
  • RPD: This fully automatic light machine gun comes with a high rate of fire, low recoil, clean iron sights and a 100-round magazine. You can find it in the customized loadout from the beginning

Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles are extremely useful for picking off enemies in single shots over long ranges. By the time the enemy realizes your exact position, you’ll have gone through most of their infantry division.

Ballista: A bolt action sniper rifle that comes with a higher handling speed. Guarantees a kill almost every time you shoot someone on their chest or above.

SVU-AS: A semi automatic sniper rifle that offers a high fire rate but with less recoil. Damage done is a bit low overall.

DSR 50: A bolt action sniper rifle that seems the ideal choice for any sniper.

XPR 50: A semi automatic sniper rifle that has good damage but comes with increased recoil.

Barrett M82A1: This semi-Automatic, .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle can be obtained during zombies by using the Mystery Box for 950 points. The weapon’s ammo account is is 5/30. You can upgrade the weapon into the Macro Annihilator through the Pack-A-Punch Machine. This gives the gun a Variable Zoom scope, and increases  the ammo count to 7/42.

Dragunov: This semi-automatic sniper rifle can be found during the 1980s section of the game’s campaign. It is extremely effective at long range and can fire up to 14 rounds with an extended clip


Shot Guns are meant for close ranged combat and almost guarantees a kill every time you fire one at an enemy standing close to you. These guns are ideal to use when you want clear out rooms and other such close quarter places quickly.

R-870 MCS: This is a pump action shotgun. It deals a fair amount of damage and does even offer a bit of range.

M1216: A fully automatic shotgun but has an even shorter range.

SAIGA-12: A semi-automatic shotgun that is lethal at short range.

KSG: It is a very powerful shotgun and can do great damage even at medium range.

SPAS-12: This semi-automatic combat shotgun is effective at close range and can be unlocked during Time and Fate.

Olympia: This double-Barrel Shotgun has made its way from the original game to this game’s campaign and zombie modes.  It has an ammo count of 2/38 and can be upgraded to become the Hades through the Pack-A-Punch machine

Assault Shield

It is a bullet-proof shield which can also provide cover where natural covers are not available.

Secondary Weapons are divided into two categories:

  • Launchers
  • Pistols


These behemoths are used solely for taking out aircraft, vehicles, weeding out campers from their hiding holes or just taking down a large group of enemies in one go.

SMAW: You can choose to lock-on to a vehicle or fire at will.

FHJ 18 AA: This one locks on to a vehicle.

RPG: Simply fire at will.

Crossbow: This crossbow fires a bolt which detonate a few seconds after impact.

RPG-7: This single shot launcher can be found during the 1980s’ portion of the game’s campaign

FIM-92 Stinger: This free-fire rocket launcher is unlocked during the mission Old Wounds and can be detonated mid-flight


When everything is extinguished, a soldier falls back to his trusty pistols.

Kap 40: A fully automatic pistol that has reduced recoil.

Tac 45: It is very, very effective at close ranges.

B23R: It is a three round burst pistol that has moderate recoil.

Executioner: A double action revolver pistol that fires shotgun shells.

Five-Seven: It is a semi automatic pistol that has a large magazine capacity and is very accurate as well.

M1911: This is default weapon you start off with in Zombies Modes, and has an ammo count of 8/80.

Browning HP: During Old Wounds, you unlock this semi-automatic pistol that is effective for close range combat.

Makarov: This semi-automatic pistol has medium capacity and power. It does a lot of damage at close range.

Python: This Semi-Auto Revolver can only be obtained in Zombies via the Mystery Box 950 Points. The ammo count is 6/84

Equipment is divided into three categories:

  • Lethal
  • Tactical
  • Attachments


Lethal includes an array of weapons designed to guard your back or take out a large number of enemies in one go.

Grenades: Handy for taking out a cluster of enemies or clearing out a fox-hole.

Tomahawk: This is a combat axe. Use it to chop of some heads.

SemTex: Sticks to just about anything and then blows up that area to dust.

C4: Once planted, you can detonate the C4 by a push of a button or just fire your weapon at the charges.

Bouncing Betty: This is a proximity mine. Once activated it flies up into the air and then explodes, causing havoc in a 360 degree area around it. You can avoid the damage it causes by just simply ducking.

Claymore: These mines blow up in the direction they are facing once an enemy comes close enough to trigger its sensors.


These weapons serve to fulfill certain purposes asides from just dealing damage.

Smoke Grenade: Unleashes a cloud of smoke on landing, providing cover or blinding the enemy.

Concussion: A stun weapon which leaves your enemies dazed and confused.

EMP Grenade: Disables or even destroys enemy equipment.

Sensor Grenade: Shows nearby enemies on your radar when thrown.

Flashbang: Blinds and disorients the enemies when they are caught in its blast radius.

Shock Charge: Electrocutes foes that get near it.

Black Hat: Allows you to become a master hacker, allowing you to hack enemy equipment or disabling their vehicles.

Tactical Insertion: Lets you choose your own spawn point. Be warned it can be destroyed by your enemies.


These are the attachments that tailor your stock weapon to your specific needs. They can be extremely useful depending on the circumstances.

ACOG: A scope which enhances your zoom.

Adjustable Stock: Lets you move faster while aiming your weapon.

Ballistics CPU: Reduces your sway when aiming with snipers.

Dual Band: This is a night vision scope.

Dual Wield: Allows you to carry two pistols. However, you cannot toggle iron-sight when using it.

Extended Clip: Increases the size of your magazine.

Fast Mag: Decreases the time it takes to reload your weapon.

FMJ: With this your bullets can penetrate thicker surfaces.

Foregrip: Increases stability reducing recoil.

Grenade Launcher: When equipped you can shoot grenades from your gun too.

Hybrid Optic: Lets you toggle between a red dot and an ACOG scope.

Iron Sight: Replaces the scope of your sniper with an iron sight.

Laser Sight: Increases your hip fire accuracy but also makes you more visible to your foes.

Long Barrel: Increase the range of your weapon.

Millimeter Scanner: Allows you to see enemies through materials.

Quickdraw: Increases your aiming speed.

Rapid Fire: Increases your fire rate by 20%.

Reflex: Replaces your weapon’s iron sight with a laser dot.

Select Fire: Allows you to witch between burst and automatic on the fly.

Suppressor: Reduces weapon noise. It also prevents you from showing up on the enemy radar every time you shoot.

Tactical Knife: A knife in your other hand makes you melee attack faster and more lethal as well.

Target Finder: Highlights your enemies in red.

Variable Zoom: A sniper rifle scope with various levels of zoom.

Don’t forget to share your own tips on how to use these weapons in Black Ops 2.

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