Black Ops 2 Teddy Bear Locations For Music Easter Egg

In this guide, we will talk about a secret song Easter Egg found in the Tranzit campaign mode of Black Ops 2. But to get this easter egg, you need to find some teddy bear and our Black Ops 2 Teddy Bear Locations guide will show you how to do that.

To find out this Easter Egg, first, you will need to locate three special items scattered across the Tranzit maps. You do not have to look under every rock; just keep on reading to find this Easter Egg.

Black Ops 2 Teddy Bear Locations

The three objects you need to find to locate this Easter Egg are three teddy bears. Once you find all these three teddy bears you will get to hear a secret Dubstep song.

The first teddy bear is placed on a bench in the Bus station near from where you begin. The second teddy bear is found on the farm, which is the third stop on your bus ride. You can find the teddy bear upstairs on a blanket.

The third and final teddy bear is in the Town, placed near the pool table inside the building where you can buy perks.

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