Black Ops 2 Mob of The Dead Strategy Guide – Easter Egg, Achievements and Survival

Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead
The new zombie map that has just been released by Treyarch for Black Ops 2 contains a whole slew of Easter eggs and achievements for players to find. The map is set on the island prison of Alcatraz. The main ‘new’ thing that is in this map is the Afterlife mechanic.

There are some sections of the prison that may seem completely inaccessible to you but actually require you to die to reach them. Yes you read that right, you need to die. Turns out that there are a whole bunch of electrical outlets throughout the prison that can kill you and knock your spirit out of your body.

Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead Strategy

In this ‘Afterlife’ mode, you’re faster, cannot be harmed and can shoot lightning from your hands. However, the catch is that you have a limited amount of time before you pass on for good, and you can only use this power once every wave.

No One Escapes Alive
As for the things you can do in Mob of the Dead, there is the ‘No one Escapes Alive’ achievement, which requires you to run around the whole prison collecting components of a machine (sound familiar?). In this case the machine happens to be an airplane on the roof. This achievement is worth 75 gamerscore.

The components themselves consist of sheets, rigging, propane tanks, an engine and a control valve. However, to get to these parts you’ll need to enter the afterlife several times, access the rooftop, activate the generators, get the key to the warden’s office and more.

For a detailed guide on how to find the components, complete the achievement, unlock roof access, activating the generators, and the number puzzle, read our No One Escapes Alive Guide.

Hell’s Retriever
Another important aspect of the game is the Hell’s Retriever secret weapon. This weapon is very powerful, but most importantly, you need it if you want to complete the biggest and last achievement; Pop Goes the Weasel.

To obtain the Hell’s Retriever, you need to locate three wall markings in Alcatraz. When you kill a zombie in the vicinity of these markings, they come to life and a flaming dog’s head appears in their place. Feed each of the three dogs six zombies and a secret door opens that will lead you to the tomahawk.

For a detailed guide on how to retrieve Hell’s Retriever, read our Hell’s Retriever Guide.

Pop Goes the Weasel
This achievement is worth 100 gamerscore and combines pretty much all the other Easter eggs on the map. You need to build the plane, use it a total of three times, collect the Hell’s Retriever, use it to obtain six invisible blue skulls, activate the power and much more.

Pop goes the weasel is the definitive Easter Egg achievement for the map that many zombie mode players are used to. It is definitely a slog, but in the end you will get a lot of story exposition into the history of the prison and the original escape attempt.

For a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to do this, read our Pop Goes The Weasel Guide.

Mob of the Dead Strategy
A good starting strategy for Mob of the Dead is to get the Hell’s Retriever as soon as possible, along with the Juggernog for all four players. The Hell’s Retriever is an immensely powerful weapon in the starting rounds of the game, so you really should abuse the crap out of it. You only need a minimum of around 3750 points to feed all three hounds. Feed the one in the starting area first, and farm up 3000 points.

You need 2000 to unlock the door that leads upstairs, and 1000 to unlock the door to the infirmary. Now feed the hound here. After that’s done, head straight for the Gondola and use it to reach the docks. The way to the gondola is open by default, but using it costs 750 points. Feed the last dog head and the Hell’s Retriever should be ripe for the taking.

There is a Juggernog machine near the last dog head so while you’re there you might want to take advantage of it. I’d recommend you don’t start up the machine until all of your team is ready to take the upgrades immediately.

As always, we request you to share your high-round strategies with us in the comments. We will choose the best voted strategies and feature them in the article!

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