Black Ops 2 Mob of The Dead Pop Goes The Weasel Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide

Pop Goes The Weasel is unarguably the most difficult and tedious achievement that’s included in the Mob of the Dead zombie map for Black Ops 2. It’s really so annoying that there would be no reason to do it… except the whopping 100 gamerscore it nets you.

Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead Pop Goes The Weasel Easter Egg Walkthrough

Step #1 and #2
To complete the achievement, you need to fully build the airplane (Read our How To Build Plan Guide)on the roof and also obtain the Hell’s Retriever tomahawk Easter Egg weapon (Read our Hell’s Retriever Guide to get this secret weapon). Once you have all of those we can begin the lengthy process.

Step #3
First of all you need to use the aircraft along with your teammates to crash land on the bridge. From here, immediately use the electric chairs to return to the island.

Step #4
Alright now that you’re back in the prison blocks, search the prison cells around the warden’s office. One of them should have a green and blue poster on the back wall. Use the Hell’s Retriever on this poster and it will burn off, revealing something behind it.

Step #5
Use the nearby electric panel to enter the Afterlife and check the hallway behind you (at right angles to the hallway to the cell) to find a new portal that takes you behind the cell we were looking at earlier. There is a crack in the ground here with a corpse holding a spoon. Zap the spoon with your lightning attack and it should disappear and you’ll hear some spooky laughter.

Step #6
Once all that is done you need to collect a total of six invisible blue skulls. The skulls can only be seen in the Afterlife and can only be collected in physical form. Once you find a skull, you can throw the Hell’s Retriever at then to make them come to you. Here are the locations of the skulls:

  • The first skull is located down the Gondola. Look up past the Gondola’s path to spot this skull on a tall yellow light.
  • Near the same location, look across the water in the Afterlife for a small unreachable dock. The skull is located on the third wooden post from the right.
  • Through an opening on the left side of the roof, you can see two corners of the prison in the distance. The closer corner is where the skull is hidden.
  • Peek out the window in the Warden’s Office to see a house outside. This skull can be grabbed from the house’s roof, in the top left corner.
  • You’ll find this one across from the library. It actually occupies the same space as an actual real life skull in a locked cell.
  • This last skull is found at the far end of the cafeteria, look into the kitchen past the counter. Look on the left wall, the skull is hidden above a metal table.

Step #7
Now that you have all the skulls, you need to make some more trips to the bridge. Take the airplane and use the electric chairs to return two more times, making the total number of trips three.

Step #8
After the third return, head down to the Citadel Tunnels. Go to the panel with the changing numbers on it. You need to input a set of codes now. After each set the code will scramble itself, so you know the input was successful. Here are the numbers:

  • 101
  • 872
  • 386
  • 481

Step #9
Now something special will happen. As you make your way from the tunnels back to the roof, you will see these glowing lights in the way. When you touch the lights everything goes black and white and a voiceover begins that tells you some histories about the place. It’s some really cool exposition so I’d listen carefully.

Step #10
Finally, you and your teammates all need to enter afterlife mode, head up to the roof, and board the plane. There is a small scene after which you will be awarded your achievement. Congratulations.

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