Black Ops 2 Mob of The Dead No One Escapes Alive Guide – How To Build Plane

Black Ops 2 Mob of the Dead
In the newest zombie map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, called Mob of the Dead, Treyarch have given us anumber of Easter Egg achievements to unlock. One of these is the ‘No One Escapes Alive’ achievement, which rewards players with 75 gamerscore.

The completion of the Easter Egg revolves around the rebuilding of a home-made airplane located on the roof. To do so you need to locate a number of parts, as well as a bunch of keys. You’ll need to use the Afterlife mode for the collection of a lot of these things, so instead of wandering around aimlessly simply wasting your last afterlife, pay attention to the words in this guide.

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First of all we need to obtain the key to the room containing the washing machine in the showers. Head over to Michigan block to find the key hanging from a raining, but unfortunately it’s electrified so you can’t touch it. Zap yourself to enter the afterlife and look at the key again, you will see a portal next to it you can jump through.

Hop over and zap the generator on the left to shut off the electricity. Re-enter your body and collect the key.

Now that you have the key, head over to the showers and access the room with the washing machine. Go back to the Afterlife and zap the generator opposite the machine to start it up. When it stops it will open and you will be able to collect the first component of the airplane; the sheets.

Control Valves
This one is pretty easy to find, just head up to the roof, and you’ll find the Valves in a glass case next to the roof access.

To find the rigging, you have to venture deep into the Citadel Tunnels. When you get there, you will find an electrical panel to suicide with on the left and a set of stairs going down to the right. Enter the Afterlife, and as you go down the stairs you will see three ghostly numbers one after another. At the bottom of the stairs is a panel with some numbers on it that’s locked up.

Have a friend unlock it (or unlock it before you enter the after life), you will find that zapping the panel makes the numbers on it go up. Zap the appropriate numbers until they match the values you saw earlier and a door should open.

Head down the way to the right of the panel and stick left. You’ll find the rigging soon enough.

Head back to Michigan block outside of the wardens office and use the afterlife to jump into the same portal you entered when looking for the key earlier. This time, instead of zapping the generator to the left, go right and enter the portal at the end of the corridor. You will find another wall panel you need to power on. Do so and return to your body.

The warden’s office is now accessible but there is an electrified door blocking the way to the Engine room. TO enter, you need to disable three generators.

Head back to the code door you used to obtain the rigging, but this time go right instead of left at the end. You’ll find the prison doors leading to the generator room. Use points to open the doors and enter. Enter the afterlife here and start zapping the lit up panels connected by blue lines (keep in mind that one of the panels is located through a portal).

Return to the warden’s office and grab the Engine.

Take the Gondola in Michigan block to the docks, open the locked door and you’ll find an electrical panel and a switch. Enter the Afterlife and zap the switch while a friend grabs the part from the area that opens up. Zap it again in order to leave.

Those are all the parts you need, once you have them access the roof. To open the roof, enter the afterlife in the area where you found the Control Valves. In the corridor heading back to the infirmary, one of the side rooms contains a portal. Enter it, look right and jump to access the roof. Shoot the switch here to open the roof access door.

Head up and assemble the parts, then use the plane to escape and congratulations, you’ve earned yourself 75 gamerscore.

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