Black Ops 2 Die Rise – How To Build The Sliquifier

The Revoluton DLC has arrived and brought with it some new ways to kick ass. Of course, there is the new powerful SMG, Peacekeeper but there is also another cool weapon waiting for you in Die Rise, the new zombie map.

The Sliquifier blasts away zombies in one shot and leaves behind a slippery mess of purple goo. Read on to find out how you can get your hands on a Sliquifier of your own:

The Sliquifier has four parts to it, and you will have scavenge these parts and assemble them on the work bench to create the weapon yourself. These components are located in the power room so take the elevator all the way down and jump across to the adjacent building.

The Sliquifier Part #1
Location. The main body of the weapon can be found either next to the sink which you come across after you jump to the building or if it’s not there it might be on the barrel opposite the workbench.

The Sliquifier Part #2
Location. The second component is found on the top of the stair with the arrow painted on the wall. It is between the TV and the couch.

The Sliquifier Part #3
Location. The third component which is a fire extinguisher can be conveniently found in the cage to the right of the workbench. If it’s not there look for it in the power room, it will be right next to the power switch on the opposite table.

The Sliquifier Part #4
Location. The fourth and the last component, the trigger, can be found near the sewing machines which are to the far right of the power switch. If it’s not there it will be on the counter in the kitchen to the left of the workbench.

Combine all these parts on the workbench to receive Black Ops 2 Die Rise Wonder Weapon Sliquifier and your teammates will also be able to use it. The weapon is required for the Slippery When Undead achievement.

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