Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Secret Song Easter Egg Teddy Bear Locations

Black Ops 2 Die Rise
Black Ops 2 Zombie Maps have hand full of Easter eggs and the tradition continues in the latest DLC with Die Rise Secret Song Easter Egg. In order to find (or play technically) the secret song in the map, you will have to find three teddy bears hidden throughout the map. How? Well, with a small help, it’s not that hard to achieve.

First, you need to grab enough points so that you can open both the double doors in the starting section. Which gun you should go for is up to you. You can either go with the Olympia or buy the M14 which of course will depend on how much point s you have in the bag.

Teddy Bear #1
Location. From the location of M14 just after the double door, head down through the hole in the wall and look for the bear on the broken wooden shelf along the wall.

Teddy Bear #2
Location. You need to head below (floor after floor) till you find a barricade that needs to be cleared. You can use the power sign as a hint of direction if you are lost and can’t find the way below. The video above shows the exact location of the second teddy bear.

Teddy Bear #3
Location. From the bottom floor in the same section, you need to jump across to the building beside. Through the corridors, you need to search for another power sign (it will be along the stairs pointing upwards).

Clear the barrier and head towards the double door which is the power house. Open it and you will find the last teddy bear inside.

Enjoy the song!

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