Black Ops 2 Die Rise High Maintenance Easter Egg Guide

Die Rise like other zombie maps in Black Ops 2 comes with a hidden Easter Egg and completing the Easter Egg unlocks High Maintenance achievement or trophy. There are two paths you can take to complete the Easter Egg; you can either complete Maxis or Richtofen side.

Choosing either side and completing the Easter Egg will net you High Maintenance achievement. Furthermore, first three steps will be same whether you choose to complete Maxis or Richtofen side.

If you dig secrets and can’t wait to unlock the mysteries of Die Rise, follow the step by step instructions. Before attempting this, make sure the power is on because you can’t access the elevators without it. Furthermore, you should have built the Nav Card table.

Black Ops 2 Die Rise High Maintenance Easter Egg

Step #1 – Activate Elevator Symbols

There are four golden Chinese symbols that are located on top of each elevator. Two of these symbols can be found on the elevators in the spawn building and two on the elevators in the radio tower.

Elevator Symbol #1
Location. Just outside the two double doors from the main starting area; where the quick revive is.

Elevator Symbol #2
Location. Down the escalator stairs, coming out of the spawn area, take a right to reach this elevator with the golden symbol.

Elevator Symbol #3
Location. In the tower building, where two elevators are side by side. Look for the golden symbol in the elevator on the left.

Elevator Symbol #4(a)
Location. On top of the tower building, down the ramp.

All four players need to jump on separate golden symbols at the same time. You need to have good coordination and timing to make it work. When done right, these symbols will glow.

If you can’t get it right, you can use the keys you find at the bottom of the freight elevator to time it better by bringing all elevators to the top level. When you do that right, not only the symbols will glow, but you also get to hear one of Richtofen’s quotes.

Step #2 – Activate Floor Chinese Symbols

Similar to what you did in the first step, you have to explore the floor and activate all the remaining golden Chinese symbols on the floors throughout the buildings. There are two in the main spawn building and two in the radio tower building.

The catch here is; these symbols need to be activated in certain order, and order is random for everyone. Again, you need to coordinate with your teammates to hit them one at a time.

Golden Symbol #1
Location. Outside the double doors in the spawn area, on the floor, in front of the elevator.

Golden Symbol #2
Location. Three levels down, in the food court area, in the middle of the floor.

Golden Symbol #3
Location. On the radio tower building, just down from the tower. To reach it, jump down and go up the ramp. When you reach the tower, jump down to the right hand side and look for it on the ground.

Golden Symbol #4
Location. It’s on second last (lower) level in the radio tower building. On the balcony with the blue tarp.

You can find the right order by hit and trial. After lighting up the first symbol you do the same for the second, and if it doesn’t light up, first one will reset but the order won’t, but if you can’t light them all in many attempts, the whole order might get reset Once you do it in the correct order, you will again get to hear one of the quotes from Richtofen.

Step #3 – Sniping Black Orbs From Dragons

You might have gotten an indication earlier from Maxis/Richtofen when you got an SUV/Sniper off the wall, and they were basically hinting on the use of the weapon to snipe off these back orbs from Dragons’ mouths on the rooftop.

Once you snipe them, you will see that the orbs have actually transferred from dragons’ mouths to Lions paws in the spawn room in front of the door that you can unlock for 750 points.

The first three steps are the same for both Maxis and Richtofen paths and for the next step, you need Wonder Weapon Sliquifier.

Step #4 – Richtofen (Firing the Balls)

Grab the Sliquifier (How To Build Sliquifier) and start shooting the balls under the lions paws. When both are spinning, you will make Maxis upset and get one of the quotes from Richtofen. In some cases, you might have to deplete all the ammo in Sliquifier so it is recommended that you get the max ammo first before attempting this step.

Step #5 – Richtofen (Trample Steam)

For this step, you need to trample steam zombies. All four players should grab a trample steam and place it on each zombie symbol on the map. Note. Make sure you position the trample steam towards the radio tower.

Zombie Symbol #1
Location. Outside the main spawn area, outside the double doors, in front of the elevators, close to the golden Chinese symbol.

Zombie Symbol #2 and #3
Location. These symbols can be found on top of the radio tower building close to the pathway going down to the lower level.

Zombie Symbol #4
Location. Facing the radio tower from the #2 and #3, on the balcony of the building on the right of the dragon. It’s very difficult to spot zombie symbol. Just look around the area where you found the #4(a) golden symbol.

Now, all you need to do is fling some zombies towards the radio tower for the blood sacrifice Richfoten was talking about.

Step #6 – Richtofen (Galvanuckles)

You need Galvanuckles and only need one player to do this. There are four posts on the tower that are now lit up, and you will have to use your galvanuckles to relay them in a specific order, one at a time.

The order you relay them changing every single game. The way order is determined is by using Mahjong Tiles that are located on the map. They not only tell you in what direction you need to hit them but also in what order.

You need six Mahjong tiles to get the direction and order of the how you need to relay the posts. You can refer to This Guide to find out how to find the tiles, interpret them in order to relay the tower posts.

If the text doesn’t cut it, NGT has posted a detailed walkthrough video that should help you unlock this achievement.:

You don’t retain the progress of the Easter Egg so you have to do at least one side (Richtofen) in one sitting. You can do the other side (Maxis) in the next run. Don’t forget to share your own tips with us in completing Die Rise High Maintenance Easter Egg.

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