Black Ops 2 Buried – How To Build Head Chopper

The Head chopper is a new buildable item that you can construct using a crafting table in the new zombie map for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Vengeance DLC. It’s similar to the trap machines that we’ve built in previous zombie maps, but a bit cooler.

What it does is basically that you put it down in a narrow chokepoint and whenever a zombie passes through, it activates, turning that zombie into a crawler by chopping its legs off. If a crawler passes through the trap, it is immediately killed by getting its head chopped off.

In order to build the Head chopper you need to collect four parts; a saw, a crank, a gear and a base. All of these parts are found in the general store.

You can find the saw blade in a barrel, the crank is on a shelf near it, the gear on a countertop near that, and the base is in an adjoining room to the other parts (it looks like a little table and is sitting in a corner).

You won’t be able to collect all the parts in one go, so be sure to pick a workbench to craft on that’s near the general store as you go back and forth, ferrying the pieces of the trap. Once it’s done you can test it out yourself one some hapless zombies.

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