Black Ops 2 Buried Awaken the Gazebo Achievement Guide

Well, the Vengeance DLC for Black Ops 2 is finally here, and you know what that means; more zombies. Buried is the new map for zombie mode gameplay and as always, it comes with a whole bunch of new achievements and easter eggs.

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One of the more difficult achievements to get is the ‘Awaken the Gazebo’ achievement. It involves you getting to the Pack-a-Punch machine behind the mansion and upgrading a weapon, all on the first round. You are also not allowed to use the bank or the weapons locker.

To do this you need to gather a lot of point from various sources, and be thrifty with your spending.

Most importantly you need to open a bunch of doors. One trick you can use is to activate the mystery box in hopes of getting a time bomb. Once you have this, place it in round 1, then feel free to progress through the rounds until you’ve opened most of the paths you need to.

Activate the bomb to return to round 1 and lose all your weapons and points, but still have all the doors open. Now that you’re back in round 1 with all the doors open, you need about 5000-6000 points to use the Pack-a-Punch machine (it’s wise to have more).

To farm points, shoot zombies multiple times in the legs to get the most out of them (don’t headshot them as this will get you less points).

When there is only one zombie left, go find the giant hillbilly and free him. Then find his moonshine (booze) and give it to him (found in either the back of the cell he’s in or the saloon). This gives you access to the armory.

Pick up the chalk drawings in the armory and scribble them onto question mark wall drawings that can be found around the town. You can find them in the following locations:

  • Near the Quick Revive after sliding into the mine in the beginning.
  • Up the stairs from the prison.
  • Outside the prison.
  • In the cave entrance to the second floor of the saloon.
  • On the second floor of the courthouse.

Each time to scribble over a Question Mark it gives you 1000 points.

After you have enough points, head on into the mansion. Run upstairs and open the hidden bookshelf. Make sure to avoid the ghost as she will steal points from you. Run through the crawlspace, through the room, and jump down into the garden.

You have to go through the maze here, but I believe it changes every time so I can’t give you exact directions. Trying to stay near the left side worked for me though.

Enter the building at the end to find the machine and upgrade your weapon to get this achievement.

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