Microsoft Is Teasing Something On Twitter, Black Ops 2 Backward Compatibility Coming?

Microsoft is teasing something to Twitter and fails have opened the floodgates of speculation. Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra posted the following tweet on his page that gave rise to speculations from around the world.

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Fans instantly replied to the tweet and asked the company to bring something special to the table. Some wanted to see Black Ops 2 backward compatibility while others wanted to brand new update for Xbox One. Some also speculated more news regarding Xbox 4K aka Project Scorpio, however, news on that may not come until E3 2017.

Here are some of the tweet from the community.

Having Black Ops 2 on Xbox One would be great as it is still one of the best COD’s to date. This year, players might be more interested in Black Ops 2 rather than Infinite Warfare.

Activision’s latest installment is a reskinned Black Ops 3 with space combat. Sales in the UK dropped by 43% on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One compared to Black Ops 3. On PC, the situation is worse as it very difficult to even find a match for modes other than TDM.

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Also, take to the comments to let us know what you think of this tease from Microsoft and will you be interested in Black Ops 2 Backward Compatibility.

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