Black Desert Online Gets Gameplay Video Featuring Valkyrie

Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Online might not have an official release date yet, but that doesn’t mean Daum Entertainment, the developers, are not looking for opportunities to keep the audience interested in the game.

The title is a sandbox oriented Massively Multiplayer Online RPG which is being developed for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows – interestingly not for the other platforms of Microsoft.

Any how, the developers have recently been sharing videos featuring different classes, for instance recently they shared a video featuring the Tamer class.

This time they are showing off the Valkyrie class in an official gameplay trailer of Black Desert Online.

The video is just one minute long and dives straight into some action where the Valkyrie is taking on a bunch of enemy types that appear to be coming in all sizes and colors and creeds.

We get to see her warrior skills and her magical powers but one thing that got left out were her healing powers – maybe Pearl Abyss will show them off in another video down the line.

So far Black Desert Online doesn’t have a date for the full release of the game but it is expected that it will be out

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