BITNAND Rolling Out P106-090 Nvidia Mining Cards For $389

Cryptocurrency mining has caused the GPU shortage on the market and rumors are Nvidia will be rolling out two GPU series this year, one focused on gaming and the other on mining and BITNAND has revealed that it is preparing to roll out NVIDIA Mining Cards.

BITNAND sent out an e-mail to everyone and noted that the company is about to roll out NVIDIA P106-090 6GB Mining Cards and these cards will start to ship later this month. BITNAND has also noted that this mining card will cost $389 and the mining performance will also vary from batch to batch.

As for overclocking these cards, the company also noted that overclocking capabilities of these Nvidia mining cards is not guaranteed. “Overclocked performance is not a guarantee and will depend on individual card’s performance”. Following the specification of the mining card.

  • Graphics Processinfvg NVIDIA P106-090
  • Core Clock Boost 1531MHz / Base 1354MHz
  • CUDA Cores 640
  • Process Technology 16 nm
  • Memory Clock 8008MHz Memory Size 6 GB
  • Memory Type GDDR5
  • Memory Bus 192 bit
  • Card Bus PCI-E 1.1 x4
  • PCB Form ATX
  • Power Connectors 8pin ATX (12V)
  • TGP 75W
  • No DVI or HDMI output.

However, this might not the be the only Nvidia mining card making its way on the market as a report is making rounds on the internet suggesting that Nvidia Turing will be unveiled at GTC 2018 and this specific card series will be designed specifically for cryptocurrency mining.

Furthermore, Turing being a mining specific GPU also makes sense as reportedly Nvidia Ampere GPU will deliberately block mining at the hardware level. Considering if their mining capabilities will be blocked, it will result in the GPU prices and supply going back to normal.

According to the report, Nvidia Ampere GPUs will be released in April. The rumor further suggests that GP102 has become obsolete as it has reached its EOL (End of Life) and will be replaced by GA series.

What do you think of this mining specific card? Will it have any impact on GPU shortage? Let us know in the commnets.

Source: Tweaktown

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