BioWare’s Anthem Will Have A Beta Before Release After Months Of No News

BioWare’s Anthem has finally gotten some more news about it after its E3 reveal, and after not having a presence at Gamescom. The game will have a beta for players before release, which is likely BioWare’s method of assuring people that this won’t be another Mass Effect: Andromeda fiasco.

The beta was confirmed via a Twitter exchange between a fan and Jonathan Warner, the game’s director, where Warner confirmed that there would be a beta for the game and that it wouldn’t be like Andromeda and its own lack of a beta.

Considering Mass Effect Andromeda didn’t have a beta, and had a large number of glitches and modeling issues that made it to the release build of the game, the fact that BioWare’s Anthem will have a beta will hopefully allow the game to be fixed up before it releases for real, especially if there’s also a danger that it would end up like Andromeda.

However, there’s also the most likely reason that Andromeda turned out the way it did: With Mass Effect essentially an afterthought in the face of Anthem and Dragon Age, it’s likely that the BioWare B-teams were the ones that worked on Andromeda while the best members of BioWare all worked on Anthem and Dragon Age. And, considering how the game looked at E3, we’ll get a much better-looking final product than Andromeda.

So far we don’t really have any idea about the circumstances of the beta (whether it will be open or closed, the amount of content that will be available to go through in it) or even about Anthem beyond what we’ve seen at E3, where humanity is confined to a single walled city on Earth while adventurers called Freelancers, who use power-armored suits called Javelins to do missions in the wild.

Anthem will be releasing sometime in 2018 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and we’ll have more information regarding the beta when BioWare releases it.