BioWare’s Anthem is a “Lootless Shooter” Game, Mocks Reddit

BioWare’s Anthem is a looter shooter that is against giving out loot. Anthem has created a new genre, “lootless shooter,” says a trending Reddit post. Anthem’s in-game loot system is so broken beyond repair that it has now become a meme for Reddit.

BioWare’s multiple failed attempts at fixing the game only made matters worse for Anthem. Each update fixed one but broke multiple aspects of Anthem. The latest example is Anthem update 1.1.1 which fixed visual bugs and localization issues. However, update 1.1.1 somehow managed to break “Heart of Rage” Titan as it no longer drops loot once defeated.

According to disgruntled fans on Reddit, Anthem is a “flying simulation game” where guns and loot are extra.

Without a doubt, Anthem is in a very difficult spot right now. The game has no end game players can build toward. Most of the content has been delayed including the raid. Nightmare difficulty is nowhere to be found and even if it arrives, there is no saying if it would work properly at all.

Anthem’s game designs such as loot, progression, gear stats, enemy scaling, are all fundamentally flawed and broken. Even a barebones title like Destiny 2 released with more content as pointed about by one user on Anthem Reddit, and sadly, he is correct.

Destiny 2 had more content at launch as it gave access to dungeons, raid, and a PvP mode. Clans, gear, loot drop, and progression systems worked as intended. Still, even Destiny 2 was considered to have an empty end game. Imagine where Anthem stands compared to Destiny 2? Or worse, imagine where it stands compared to The Division 2?

Anthem’s Reddit is full of posts complaining about various aspects of the game. Many have already given up on Anthem. An informal poll held on Reddit revealed that 53% of players have left Anthem which is evident by the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to matchmake.

One would think EA would learn from its mistakes with Anthem but that’s not the case. During the recent earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson once again committed to live-service games despite Anthem’s failure. The company plans to release early access games for the community to test and give feedback before version 1.0 hits the store.

Source: Reddit

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