Dragon Age Devs Talks About Bioware Relationship With EA

Bioware would be done if Electronic Arts hadn’t acquired them. That’s what Dragon Age developers have revealed during a recent talk in Havencon, an LGBTQ-centric gaming convention, about the franchise.

We might have blamed Electronic Arts in the past due to wrong decisions and their obvious strategy of focusing on making money than delivering great games, however, we can’t deny that one of the most notable studios would be over if not for them.

Dragon Age lead writer Patrick Weekes, Bioware’s lead editor Karin Weekes, and David Gaider, ex-lead writer of the Dragon Age series said that by the time Electronic Arts showed interest in buying Bioware, the studio had run out of money. So practically, Bioware wouldn’t even exist if EA didn’t storm in and “save” the day.

A couple of weeks ago, Aaryn Flynn, former studio general manager and vice president of BioWare has talked with Kotaku about the studio’s shift to being under the wing of EA. He said:

“I think the shift is in some ways empowering. Because one of the things that I always felt was tough about being at BioWare when we were independent, talking about Edmonton, is that you feel very isolated when you’re up in Edmonton, at least I did. To be part of a community of developers who can all share and relate to you…”

“When you join EA, and you get to be part of that, all of a sudden you’re connected with all of these folks who have this perspective that’s similar to you, they kinda grew up doing the same things, they have their own war stories, they have their own all that. But then they can bring perspective you don’t have…So yeah, I think the best part of it is the empowering part of it. And you know, like they said in Dead Poet’s Society, I told you to drink from the marrow of life, not choke on the bone.”

The shift wasn’t without sacrifices though. Bioware’s Anthem has been delayed to next year and its lead writer Drew Karpyshyn announced that he is resigning from BioWare to focus on other projects. However, Electronic Arts assured that this won’t affect its development in any way.

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