BioWare Talks About Anthem Worries In Aftermath Of Rough Year

BioWare’s upcoming video game Anthem is one of the most-anticipated games that’s coming out within the next few years, but Anthem worries apparently plague the studio in the aftermath of numerous events over the course of 2017, which was a hard year for BioWare in a number of different ways.

Even though BioWare is seen as one of the best developers of story-driven games in gaming, the studio had a rough year in 2017. After the announcement of Anthem at E3 2017 it was announced that studio head Aaryn Flynn was leaving the studio and would be replaced by Casey Hudson. While both are well-respected in BioWare circles, executive shuffling makes people nervous.

The failure of Mass Effect Andromeda to keep the franchise going even after the masterpiece that was the original Mass Effect trilogy was another serious blow to the company, especially since we won’t be getting any more content for it ever since EA announced there wouldn’t be any more single player content (leaving a lot of plot threads unsolved).

Another big issue with Anthem is twofold; the controversy over Destiny 2, and the extremely negative reaction to EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 and its microtransactions, which caused the game to get bad or mixed reviews and hideously undersell, losing EA billions of dollars. Destiny 2 has also been having some issues with its Eververse microtransactions, with many gamers thinking that Bungie is focusing too much on them at the expense of gameplay.

Anthem worries have the studio on edge, mainly because many of the staff believe that the game could make or break them. With the game being another shared-world shooter, and with BioWare’s fanbase eagerly anticipating another Dragon Age game, hopefully BioWare can make Anthem another good game and use Destiny and The Division as examples on how not to start out a game like this, and assuage Anthem worries among the studio’s fanbase.