Bioware Needs a Character Artist For New IP to Create ‘Believable Characters’ And More

Mass Effect Andromeda may be getting all the attention at the moment, but Bioware is thinking ahead already as it is currently working on an ‘exciting’ new IP.

We’ve already known about them looking forward to creating a new project, separate from their well-known Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises. That fact was teased in the E3 Mass Effect Andromeda trailer last year.

Now, the firm has a new job opening that seems to be specifically for this new IP. The Bioware Austin studio is currently on the lookout for a Character Artist for their ‘exciting new IP.’

According to the job description, the artist is expected to influence a ‘new generation of character fidelity,’ using the latest game engine tools and modelling humanoids, creatures, or mechanical forms. The artist is also expected to create ‘believable characters,’ with all characters expected to be emotionally engaging and immersive.

WCCFTech notes that the E3 video mentions a new IP being developed in Bioware’s Edmonton Studio, whereas the job listing is for the Austin one. It could be possible that both studios are collaborating together, or that for certain reasons Bioware decided to move the IP’s development to the Austin studio after the E3 event.


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