BioWare Has No Plans for Anthem 2, Focus Is On Long-Term Live Service

EA has long-term plans for Anthem and so does BioWare, there won’t be any Anthem 2 because the studio’s focus is on live-services. Speaking with GameInformer, executive producer Mark Darrah stated that Anthem is a live-service game and they have no plans for Anthem 2.

Anthem is releasing early next year and is one of the biggest games ever made by EA. It wouldn’t be wrong to say it is make or break for BioWare. It is important that BioWare has a strong foundation with Anthem and build on it for years to come.

BioWare plans to support Anthem with post-release content for years. However, Bungie had similar plans for Destiny but the first game didn’t do as well as Activision would have hoped. It died after a couple of years due to lack of content in the base game and most of it being locked behind paid DLCs and expansions.

But BioWare recently explained how Anthem is different from Destiny. When asked how he feels about comparisons with Destiny, game director Jonathan Warner said:

It doesn’t upset me. I think people like to pattern match, and this genre of games is relatively new, so people are going to make those comparisons as they try to understand what it is and what it isn’t. For me, the comparison starts to fall apart really rapidly. The amount of verticality that we have in the game, that agency and freedom that we give you not locking you to one class, allowing you to choose what Javelin you want to take out at any given time, really starts to make it feel different and special. When you have your hands on the controller and you leap up into the air and start flying freely in the environment for the first time, I think that’s when most people kind of get it.

It is natural to have concerns about Anthem as well but so far the game is looking good. It is polished, features an in-depth loot and progression system, and is a visually stunning game.

Anthem is releasing on February 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is going to be a part of EA Access as well as Origin Access on PC. EA Access and EA Origin Access members will get the Legion of Dawn Edition of Anthem.

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