BioWare Gets “Treated Unfairly” and Takes “Sh*T From Both Sides” Over LGBT Characters, Says Writer

Bioware is one of the most recognisable studios in the industry and is partly known for featuring LGBT characters in its games. However, representing LGBT characters in games can be a difficult task as it is impossible to please both sides. According to Dragon Age writer, Bioware is treated unfairly and is criticised from both sides for LGBT characters.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Dragon Age writer Alexis Kennedy said that the studio takes a lot of criticism from both sides for representing LGBT characters in its games. He added that because of this the studio has to tread carefully as one little mistake can annoy someone.

BioWare takes shit from both sides. It brings the ire of more socially conservative players, but it also means, because BioWare has done more than most developers unless it continues to do more than most developers, it gets stick for it.

BioWare has to tread a careful path between doing enough and doing too much – you’re going to annoy someone somewhere down the line.

The most recent example of this statement is the criticism the studio had to face for badly-portraying a Transgender character in Mass Effect Andromeda for which the studio also apologised.

According to Kenedy, Bioware is “treated unfairly in a couple of ways that not many others in the industry are” and that “a lot of people go through a ‘pissed off with BioWare’ phase”.

Do you think the studio is treated unfairly for its representation of LGBT characters? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Eurogamer

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