Bioware Director Debunks Mass Effect: Contact, Mass Effect 4 Rumors

Bioware developers have shot down the flying rumors about the name of the next title in the Mass Effect franchise. With E3 fast approaching, it’s natural that fans of the franchise start speculating names and details about an upcoming game.

According to rumors by ‘industry insiders’ the next Mass Effect might be called Mass Effect: Contact. The title even seemed plausible due to the First Contact War between the humans and turians in the Mass Effect lore.

Yanick Roy, Studio Director for Bioware Montreal however has declared that there is no name for the game at this point.

Last month, Roy had explained that the next Mass Effect game was somewhere in the middle of a development phase. Perhaps that is why neither Bioware nor EA has made any kind of mention as to whether the game would be seen at E3 2014 or not.

So far, the only Bioware RPG that will be taking the spotlight at E3 is Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is however possible that EA might do some sort of a tease regarding Mass Effect at their yearly press conference.

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