BioWare Dev Shows Off Jade Empire 2 Concept Art From Cancelled Game

Back in the good old days of BioWare, the studio released an action RPG known as Jade Empire in 2005. Taking place in a magical Chinese-inspired setting, Jade Empire has become a game fondly remembered by BioWare’s fans. Now a BioWare dev has been allowed to show off some Jade Empire 2 concept art.

According to a recently released book called “Bioware: Stories And Secrets From 25 Years Of Game Development”, originally there was supposed to be a sequel to Jade Empire that went through multiple different iterations without being announced.

These iterations included a straight up sequel, a modern re-imagining, and even a spiritual successor called Revolver. Alas, nothing ever materialized and the project was cancelled in 2008. But with the new concept art that we’ve been shown, we did get a glimpse at what the game would have been like.

A large amount of the art depicts art for Revolver, which appeared to be an urban fantasy setting where characters would use both swords and guns, fighting various types of monsters among other things. The Jade Empire 2 concept art shows a large number of monsters too, including mimics, fairy tale creatures, and extradimensional threats.

While it was hard for BioWare to give up on a game that they’d invested a lot of time into, the studio went on to have a number of different triumphs in the years since, even if these days BioWare hasn’t been doing nearly as well due to the back-to-back failures of Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem.

Even if we’ll never get a game like Jade Empire again, the Jade Empire 2 concept art that you can find linked in this article at least can hopefully provide some inspiration to other developers in the future. You can also currently buy the Bioware book on Amazon to get the full history of BioWare up until now.