Bioware Defends ‘Sexy’ Character Portrayals in Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2 had been accused of portraying its characters in an excessively sexualized way. Bioware’s marketing person David Silverman has spoken against these claims, stating that gamers should ‘rally around and celebrate’ the options to play a female hero.

Quite honestly it’s nothing to rally and celebrate about, but what David meant is that players have the liberty to play from a female’s perspective, and the sexualized display of characters is same for both the female and male characters of the game.

Speaking to VG247, Silverman said that some of the characters are defined by their attractiveness, such as Miranda who is genetically engineered to be perfect. He also stated that the elaboration of their curves through camera angles is a way of portraying the character’s personality, and male characters such as Jacob have also been portrayed in a similar fashion.

Silverman also stated that about 18 percent of the players play as a female character, and since there is a lack of female heroes in games these days, players should rally and cherish this fact.

Personally I feel it’s a fine way of depicting the already fantastic personality of the characters in the Mass Effect world. Let us know if you feel different.

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