BioWare Confirms Anthem Release Date After Earlier Leak

Anthem, the first new offering from BioWare in nearly a decade, now has an official release date for those interested in placing their pre-orders.

The developer probably had plans to make the announcement after Electronic Arts (EA) was done with its press conference today. However, an accidental leak from retailer Amazon Italy beforehand forced a minor change in the schedule.

Anthem is scheduled to release on February 22, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This is unless there are no unprecedented delays, which are pretty normal for games being developed on such a large scale in this day and age.

The Destiny-esque multiplayer shooter was unveiled just last year and has since then been kept in the dark. There is very little known at the moment but details have started pouring in.

There is now a new story trailer that offers an extended look at gameplay from the previous trailer and lays prominence to the visually stunning environments. The different classes, or high-tech customizable suits called Javelins, have received a few briefings as well but most importantly, EA has promised to feature loot boxes solely for cosmetic purposes. There will be no pay-to-win microtransactions for players to worry about.

It is rumored that Anthem was initially supposed to release later this fall but was forcefully pushed ahead into 2019 because of development woes. EA was allegedly in no mood to take any chances, particularly after the misfire with Mass Effect: Andromeda last year.

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