Bioware’s Anthem Features Puzzles, Here is One Example

The latest released gameplay video of Anthem by BioWare shows us "Hidden Depths" mission for the first time which includes puzzles, enemies and more.

BioWare is teasing all of their fans with new information about Anthem and its gameplay. IGN recently got the chance to play Anthem and have now revealed that the game consists of puzzles. Latest gameplay video of Anthem shows us “Hidden Depths” for the first time.

Hidden Depths mission starts off by showing the player going on a new quest, going out, solving puzzles and we see a lot of water exploration through the way. The video starts with some story details before going out to find a manuscript. The mission involves underwater exploration and that way the player finds a hidden entrance. There are waypoints to help you out in reaching the destination so don’t worry about that.

Later in Anthem gameplay video, a puzzle appears which is not that much hard like the one we saw in Destiny recently. This Anthem puzzle requires to be solved in order for you to progress further. It’s a group puzzle.

The entire mission “Hidden Depths” shows us three Javelins taking on different enemies. In the end, we see a boss fight which takes down the health of all Javelins confirming that it’s not going to be an easy fight. I don’t know about you but I feel very good by taking these difficult bosses down in an MMO game so it’s a thumbs up from me.

In other news, details of Anthem demo have been revealed through the Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store page shows us the game size, release date and more about Anthem demo.

According to the page, Anthem demo comes with a file size of 2.58 GB to be exact on the Xbox One. The page also confirms that Anthem demo comes with Xbox One X enhancement support, HDR 10 and 4K Ultra HD. Interestingly the release date for the demo is written 23 January which is different from the one we previously reported and that’s 25 January.

Those who get to play VIP demo of Anthem through EA Access will also receive some exclusive items. To be a part of this VIP Anthem demo, you are required to be a member of EA Origin Access or EA Access. The public version of this demo starts on February 1st and will last till the 3rd.

Anthem pre-orders are now also available. The best Anthem pre-order bonus is currently being offered by Walmart. If you pre-order Anthem Standard Edition from Walmart today you will receive a $10 gift card for any future purchases. Another pre-order bonus of Anthem is being offered by GameStop which will reward you with an exclusive skin called Edge of Resolve Vinyl.

BioWare has now also revealed the recommended and minimum required specs to run Anthem on PC. At CES 2019, BioWare and NVIDIA teamed up to show a stunning new gameplay trailer. They later revealed that NVIDIA RTX 2060 is the most recommended to get the best experience possible on PC. And we don’t have any doubts about that after watching the game running at 4K resolution and at highest possible using NVIDIA RTX 2060.

Anthem will release on February 22 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC

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