BioWare Announces Anthem Alpha Build Complete, Game Is Playable

BioWare has announced today on their website that an Anthem Alpha build has been completed, meaning the game is at least playable from start to finish. While it looked polished enough at its various E3 demos, this is the actual game, rather than a tech demo for an event.

While an Alpha build is a massive milestone for any game, it still means that there’s a good way to go until the game is actually going gold and is fully playable. Otherwise, right now, despite being playable, there are likely a wide variety of other things that need to happen before then.

This includes things like adding textures to environments, making sure that the game is as bug-free as possible, and adding in various visual effects. So even if the Anthem Alpha build is completed and makes the game entirely playable, there’s still a good ways to go before it’s ready to ship, especially if BioWare wants to avoid another Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Anthem takes the form of a shared-world shooter much like Destiny, where players take on the role of people called Freelancers who use power-armored suits known as Javelins to battle enemies in the wilderness outside of the city of Fort Tarsus. While we haven’t seen very much of Anthem (only a few brief pieces of gameplay focusing on one mission), we’ve been promised a big story and a long-running game from both BioWare and EA. Whether that will come to pass, however, is another story.

But even so, BioWare managing to complete an Anthem alpha build means that the game is likely well on track to its release date, which will be coming out on February 22 of next year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Hopefully, since they’ve reached the Alpha now, BioWare will be able to make the game look and play amazingly while still keeping the great stories that they’re known for and be able to wash away the lingering stench of Andromeda’s failure.