BioShock RTX Remaster Rumors Gain Traction

Following a series of surprising discoveries, fans are now convinced that the recently rumored BioShock RTX Remaster exists.

It turns out that both of the first two BioShock games as well as BioShock Infinite were all recently updated (via Reddit) according to third-party SteamDB listings. The suggestion being that all three games are currently undergoing some sort of internal development and the recent updates were rolled out for internal testing.

There have been no such announcements or hints made by publisher 2K Games but fans are pinning their hopes on BioShock RTX Remaster which was mentioned in a leaked Nvidia GeForce Now database a couple of weeks back.

The leak ousted a long list of games, including unannounced projects, which Nvidia later clarified to be “speculative” on its part. However, looking at how all three BioShock games are still being updated behind closed doors, there may possibly be something going on and hence, the reason why a BioShock RTX Remaster might make it out.

The same Nvidia GeForce Now database leak mentioned the new BioShock 4 to be releasing somewhere in 2022 which went into development under developer Cloud Chamber about three years back.

Take note that 2K Games has repeatedly stated BioShock 4 to be in early development and that a release will not be happening for at least the next few years. That makes a 2022 release window unlikely, and which in turn throws shade at the mention of a BioShock RTX Remaster.

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