Bioshock Infinite Gear Farming Guide – How To

Gear is definitely hard to come by, let alone farm in the air city of Columbia. However, there is a method, though, as is the case with many of the exploits, it is rather slow.

It will take you the entirety of the game to find a full set of a particular gear, so, you must be asking, how does one farm gear? Read on to find out.

You can, in fact, make use of a re-spawning gear box to get all the random loot rather early on. You can do this near the Hall of Heroes area, and though it’s rather slow, you will be farming Silver Eagles, Salts and other valuables along the way. This makes it a perfect way to grind early on.

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Bioshock Infinite Gear Farming

Follow these steps to get your hands on all the gear available from random loots:

Go to the Hall of Heroes. Once you leave to the plaza, all the items in the Soldier’s Filed area will re-spawn and this is exactly where you need to go to farm up.

Defeat the founders in the plaza and use the Sky Line to zip down to the lower Gondola Station.  Inside the entrance hall you will come across a motorized patriot. Stun the motorized patriot and use the lift to get back to the Soldier’s Field boardwalk.

There is a toy store next to the carousel at the boardwalk. Inside the toy store, you can use the Shock Jockey on the generator to open a locked door. Retrieve the piece of Gear and now it’s time to rinse and repeat.

Go back to the Hall of Heroes to get the gear to re-spawn. Enter the museum and grab the re-spawning Salts. Now go back to the toy store and repeat the process as much as you want.

It may take long but the re-spawn will work every time.

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