Bioshock Infinite Clash in The Clouds Museum Unlockables Guide

A Clash in the Clouds is the first DLC that has come out for Bioshock Infinite so far. It primarily focused on gameplay, combat and general action but it wouldn’t be a Bioshock game if they didn’t manage to shoehorn some story in there somewhere.

The pack includes a museum building with several pedestals with 3D models of other characters that you can spend Silver Eagles (the Bioshock currency) to unlock. Kind of like you do stuff in the Call of Duty Zombie maps.

Bioshock Infinite came out fairly recently, in late March and blew away all audiences, getting perfect score after perfect score, with many critics even going so far as to say that the title had managed to surpass the original.

If you still haven’t played it, you’re missing out. A second DLC has already been confirmed, called Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea and as the name suggests, players will be returning to Rapture.

5 Voxophones
To find these, you must purchase both the Robert and Rosalind Lutece statues. After doing so, a tear will appear on the wall between them. Have Elizabeth open it up and you will find yourself in Rosalind’s laboratory/house. Explore the building to find the Voxophones.

4 Unlockable Music Tracks

  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World
  • Tainted Love
  • Fortunate Son
  • Shiny Happy People

6 Kinetoscopes
You will find these inside the Columbia Archeological Society section. Three of the videos are of the production of Bioshock Infinite and three are canon.

  • Songbird Storyboard
  • Motion Capture
  • Love Story
  • Handyman
  • Musical Melodies
  • Courtney and Troy Audition

13 Unlockable 3D Models

  • Booker DeWitt
  • Comstock
  • Songbird
  • Elizabeth
  • Original Elizabeth
  • Alternate Elizabeth
  • Older Elizabeth
  • Robert Lutece
  • Rosalind Lutece
  • Slate
  • Daisy Fitzroy
  • Handyman
  • Original Handyman

12 Unlockable Concept Art

  • Airship Parade
  • Alternate Zeppelin
  • Automatic Gentleman Ad
  • Cabaret Building
  • Columbia Art Direction
  • Columbia Nouveau
  • Crashed Airship
  • Emporia Red Light District
  • Floating City
  • Fall of Icarus
  • Skyline Station
  • Zeppelin Shape Study

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